Mini Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecakes (low FODMAP + gluten free)

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I received a recent request via my blog asking me if I could make a recipe using lactose free cream cheese and pumpkin.  I am always up to the challenge, so here is what I came up with… 

Say hello to these low FODMAP, gluten-free, + individual-sized, pumpkin swirl cheesecakes!

A perfect holiday treat for your favorite low FODMAP-er or really anyone else you love!

I made the crust with Tate’s Bakeshop Gluten Free Ginger Zinger Cookies.

You can also use another suitable low FODMAP cookie for the crust instead–if you are not a ginger cookie person, such as Tate’s Bakeshop Gluten Free Coconut Crisp Cookies. 

Tate’s Bakeshop lists all of their cookie ingredients on this PDF. Of course, be sure you are looking at their gluten free cookies to check ingredients as they offer wheat based cookies too!

As you plan for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, do you best to be as prepared as possible but remember being stressed out about every morsel you eat will add unneeded stress to your gut and mind. Control the “controllables”, plan ahead to the best of your ability but focus most of your energy on the time spent with people you love. And good news, turkey is low FODMAP! For me, Thanksgiving is all about the turkey, stuffing and gravy…so I make sure these options are not full of FODMAPs.

What foods make Thanksgiving special to you?  If it is the desserts… then, by all means, make sure there are desserts suitable for you and your sensitive tummy.  Here is a post I did on Thanksgiving desserts to provide some yummy inspo for you. Or… of course, you can make these delicious low FODMAP Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecakes too! 🙂

I can’t believe next week is Thanksgiving! The fall season has flown by so quickly! Right now there are few leaves on the trees and you can tell winter is lurking around the corner.  I try my best to ‘bloom where I am planted’, but the truth is I am not a cold weather person.  I have started planning some little get-a-ways so I can escape the snow.  First up, a trip to Bermuda with my daughter! I absolutely love Bermuda.  It was the one and only trip I took with my family growing up.  When you are from a family of nine kids–travel didn’t happen very often!  The pink sand beaches and gorgeous aqua blue water is breathtaking–and I am so excited to share it with my daughter, Chelsea!

And in other news! I will be doing a book signing at the Barnes and Nobles in Bellingham, Massachusetts on December 1st from 2-4 PM.  The Low FODMAP Diet-Step by Step, is a great resource for the 3 phases of the low FODMAP Diet (plus it’s full of yummy recipes).  I will be signing books (hint: a great holiday gift!) and answering low FODMAP questions. If you are in the area, I’d love to see you!

6 replies on “Mini Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecakes (low FODMAP + gluten free)

  • Kate

    Can’t wait to try these! We LOVE Tate’s cookies! Thanks for sharing. We’re considering a couple trips (one to Europe and one to Bermuda). Would love to know what destinations you’d highly recommend for travelers with dietary restrictions (countries, cities, resorts, etc. where it’s easier to navigate around FODMAPS).

    • katescarlata

      Thanks for the blog Inspo! A great topic idea. Europeans are much better at gluten free restaurant options–so I find it is easier there than in the US to navigate. But, I will give this post some thought! When I go to Bermuda this January–I will keep track of all my favorite low FODMAP food options!

  • Linda

    I made these for our Thanksgiving dessert. I loved them, but was really surprised when my husband, who has a sweet tooth and is also a diabetic, said they were really good. That would equal a 5-star rating from him.

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