Reverse your Bucket List for the New Year!

Happy New Year, Friends. Welcome to 2018. Please do yourself a favor and focus NOT on what you hope to change in your life this new year ahead but perhaps look a little darn closer at your life journey & what you have already accomplished. We often forget what we have already done.

Yes, my friends, let’s focus on the greatness that has already happened or perhaps happening RIGHT now!

I love this quote: “Attitude is the difference between an ordeal or an adventure.”-Bob Bitchin Your attitude in life and the way you “frame your journey” can make a BIG difference in the way your perceive what is happening, happened or about to happen in your life. With that in mind, how can your frame up some of the positive aspects of your life so far?

My friend, Kari, introduced me to the idea of a reverse bucket list that featured what she had accomplished and what has made her proud thus far in her life. I love this idea!  I hope that you set aside some time to create your reverse bucket list too!

I grew up in a household that frowned on acknowledging personal success. Discussing something you were proud of was viewed as being “too ego focused” with the fear that being too boastful of your accomplishments would “go to your head”. Ha!  I could not disagree more with this philosophy as an adult! I think basking in the glory (not gloating) in your proud moments is another way of being gracious…to yourself!  

Creating a reverse bucket list is a way to be mindful of the personal success you have enjoyed and worked hard to achieve!  “Success”, of course, is defined by you and you alone!

We all view success a bit differently.

What you might find on my reverse bucket list:

  • Raised 3 fiercely independent creative children that make the world a better place.
  • Help the homeless every holiday providing gift baskets to the Mom’s in a local shelter.
  • Focused my family spending on adventures rather than buying ‘things’.
  • Worked hard to save the down payment for our little Maine cottage…my slice of heaven!
  • Hiked the Grand Canyon.
  • Piloted a small airplane at 16 years old. Paid for the lessons with my own hard earned cash.
  • Sipped on a Bourbon cream while strolling Bourbon St. in New Orleans followed by amazing jazz at Preservation hall (a wonderful musical venue in the French Quarter founded in 1961 to  preserve Traditional New Orleans Jazz.)
  • Flew in a hot air balloon over Napa Valley and in a doorless helicopter over the city of Boston.
  • Visited a 3rd world country.
  • Helped many, many people with digestive issues find their way to the ‘other side’.  The ‘other side’ meaning–the place of digestive system content and peaceful calm.

We all have enjoyed life’s gifts and moments of pride. I hope you take a moment and savor all or some of your accomplishments. And then, say to yourself…YAAAAAAS, I am one amazing human!

And if you would…I’d love to hear from you…what would make it to the top of your reverse bucket list?