Holiday Gift Guide for the FODMAPer

We are all about the holidays in my house…the tree is up and decorated, the “blow up snowman family” is out on the lawn, and my mom’s hand-painted snowman is adorning our front door. Are you, too, in full holiday mode?  I looooove this festive time of year.

My favorite holiday traditions include: inviting my girlfriends over to make homemade gift tags (I used to have a card making business…and have a little crafty side), baking sugar cookies, decorating our Christmas tree, and dining out in Boston with my family on Christmas eve. This year, Russ and I (mostly Russ), purchased most of our family gifts online–which, I have to say, really made gift shopping very easy (especially for me)! 🙂

In the spirit of the holiday season, I thought I would share a few of my favorite gift picks for my favorite FODMAPer…YOU! 🙂

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What’s my top holiday gift picks this year?

  • I am in love with the new Target Hearth and Hand candles. My favorite scent: Cardamom & Vetiver. I love the galvanized steel container…so cute!
  • Of course, I might be a bit biased…but I think my latest book, The Low FODMAP Diet Step by Step is awesome! With over 130 recipes created and tested by former Bon Appetit editor, Dede Wilson (and reviewed by me) coupled with my FODMAP expertise and approach…this book is a great resource for EVERY low FODMAP follower (newbie or veteran!) Pre-order now, due out December 17th.
  • Barr Co. bath salts…my most favorite of all time bath salts. The fragrance is subtle and relaxing. I have a bottle of these bath salts at my cottage in Maine and one at home here in Massachusetts. And, I requested another bottle on my personal holiday list too. I never want to run out!  There is nothing more relaxing for your sensitive intestine than a warm tub. Trust me.
  • The Squatty potty! Why, yes!! This Shark Tank winner helps promote proper position for a better bowel movement. Many of my clients have found the squatty potty very helpful! Just sayin’.
  • The Snowed in Box…my latest Kate x Fody collab! I am swooning over the peace mug in this gift box!  The FODY Chicken Soup Base and the Lemon Herb Seasoning are included to create my delicious chicken noodle soup (recipe included in the box.) You’ll also love the combo of the homemade almond chai tea latte (recipe included) along with a yummy FODY almond coconut bar (3 almond coconut bars included in the box).  The oversized peace sign mug is the perfect size to make a mug cake such as my chocolate chip cheesecake in a mug recipe or to serve up some soothing soup or tea.

So…FODMAPers….feel free to pass on this post to your friends and family …so they know what to get you this holiday season! And please share your favorite gift ideas…for low FODMAP living or just general good balanced living.


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  • Sandy

    I per-ordered your book Kate! Wishing you much success with it. You sure are a busy girl! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful posts and recipes with us.

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