Gingerbread Whoopie Pies (GF & Low FODMAP)

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Looking for a tasty holiday treat? Look no further.

Today’s recipe is a yummy gingerbread whoopie pie filled with cream cheese frosting (lactose free cream cheese, that is!). This recipe is gluten free and low FODMAP.

My friend Kari sent along a picture of gingerbread whoopie pies to me recently…and I thought to myself, I can totally make those low FODMAP! With the recent testing of molasses by the Monash U group, we now know that small amounts of molasses (1 teaspoon per serving) is low FODMAP. So…I just added one tablespoon of molasses to the entire recipe–just to give it that true gingerbread flavor. This amount is way below the 1 teaspoon per serving limit!

I hope you are all settled back to normal after Thanksgiving.  I am in the midst of a few school projects keeping me busy.  I am also making sure I prioritize exercise during this busy time of year. I always find exercise to be grounding for me. How about you?

Next up on the blog, is a post about staying happy and healthy during the holidays. Another interesting topic I look forward to sharing soon is the role of a GI psychologist in IBS management.  Stay tuned!

In other news, FODY foods and I just launched our holiday gift box collab, called the Snowed in Box. The box contains the cutest over-sized peace sign mug. This sweet mug has become my new favorite. 🙂  Learn more about this great gift box here.

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