Nutty S’more Flourless Cookies

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Hey Friends….I have been a bit off grid lately…taking some well-needed vacay. Russ and I enjoyed last week off from work at our Maine cottage. We have been enjoying time with Lucy (our sweet chocolate lab) as well as visiting w/ friends and family!  We visited Funky Bow brewery. Dogs are free to join you at this brewery…but must be off leash. Lucy loves to play with all the dogs and dog-friendly people at the brewery.  If you like microbrew beer, have a friendly pup and like to be out in nature listening to music…check out Funky Bow in Lyman, Maine!  And, of course, we having been eating up as much seafood as possible.

One of my 2017 summer goals was to float down the Ogunquit river with the tide toward the open ocean in a inflatable beach tube. So… Russ and I purchased floats. My float was a big frosted pink doughnut and Russ had a watermelon float. 🙂  (Doughnut floats are kinda perfect for a dietitian, right?!)

I was very tempted to buy this float…but it was so big it didn’t fit in our car! 

Floating downstream was… so relaxing!

I am hunkering down one more week in Maine. I have some editing to do…I am working on updating a dietitian continuing education program on the low FODMAP diet. Our little cottage is so peaceful so I tend to stay very focused and get more work done here.

Okay…so let’s back to low FODMAP cooking! How about these s’more cookies? YUUUUMMMMMOOOO! They are decadent, sweet and gooey. A nice treat for my FODMAPers!
These are simple to make, messy (in a good way) and amazing …all in one cookie. The melted marshmallows and chocolate provide the classic s’more flavor.  These cookies are low FODMAP and gluten free. Marshmallows often contain corn syrup…but if the ingredients do not list HIGH fructose corn syrup you should be good to go.

I hope you are all enjoying some summer fun too…and don’t forget to keep trying new things.



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