Grab + Go Low FODMAP Info Cards

Hello FODMAPers & Friends!

During IBS Awareness month, I requested your input about future blog topics…and there was a request to provide a quick and easy way to describe the low FODMAP diet to friends and family.  So…the team at For a Digestive Peace of Mind, worked behind the scenes to create a few resources for you. We call them Grab + Go Passes.  

Instead of creating a long list of all the high and low FODMAP foods…we called out just the key items that might be an issue when dining out and created a small information card for the chef! We also created one for the teacher and a general one that can be shared with friends, your doctor or simply as a resource for yourself.  Click here to find the Grab + Go PDFs and print.

The Grab + Go Passes provide a space where you can write in & personalize your nutrition guidelines. You can also laminate them for safe keeping. We designed the Grab + Go Pass for the teacher in a tag format so that you can attach to a backpack or tote, if desired.

The purpose of these Grab + Go Passes is to help describe the low FODMAP diet in easy terms and to highlight the primary foods to avoid in restaurants or schools. Again, this is a simplified low FODMAP tool but we think it will be quite useful for the FODMAPer, the chef, the teacher and others!

We’d love your feedback! Feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post.

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