Arugula Feta Dip

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Hello Friends. I hope this week is going well for you!

I though I would share my latest obsession…Arugula Feta Dip. I absolutely love the peppery flavor of arugula. Do you?

Russ and I recently ordered an arugula feta dip at one of our favorite restaurants–and it was out of this world good.  So…I decided to try to make it…and luckily nailed the recipe on the first try.

This dip tastes great on grilled sourdough bread or vegetables, baby carrots sticks and cucumber wedges, as a sauce with grilled salmon, chicken or shrimp, or thin with a little water and use as a salad dressing over leafy greens.

The dip offers a nice flavor from the combination of  garlic infused oil, goat and sheep feta cheese, arugula and fresh lemon juice.  And…how about that color?!

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  • Linda

    I’m so sorry! I must have read the recipe 5 times looking for the serving size and completely missed it. Thank you for responding!

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