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Hello Friends,

Those of you that have been following my blog or Instagram feed for sometime know that I often recommend GoMacro Peanut Protein Replenishment Bars as a great on the go satiating snack. I am a big fan of GoMacro bars for fueling my travels! Below, you will see a picture from my Instagram feed during an amazing trip to Thailand in 2015! GoMacro bars were my safe traveling companions during my Asian adventure.

go-macro-instagramYes, I seriously brought GoMacro peanut butter bars around the globe with me for my go to snack! When you are a FODMAPer, you always need to be snack-ready! #truth

As a true fan, I am very happy to partner with GoMacro to provide a sponsored post today to tell you about my favorite GoMacro products for my patients with sensitive digestive tracts. My opinions and comments are all mine.


3 reasons I dig GoMacro vegan products for my patients:

  • They are made with simple, plant-based ingredients. They are a tasty snack option, especially for those trying to eat more plant based foods and, for my vegan & vegetarian patients.
  • The bars provide sustained energy due to their nice balance of carbs, protein, and healthy fats. I find they keep me satiated for hours! Seriously, no joke!
  • GoMacro bars are free of emulsifiers, artificial sugars, and preservatives. Our intestines are better off without these additives. Artificial sugars can lead to GI distress while emulsifiers polysorbate 80 and carboxymethylcellulose are linked with intestinal inflammation. No thank you!

Many energy/granola bars at the market contain added fiber ingredients, such as chicory root extract or inulin. For the up to 20 percent of Americans who suffer with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), these added fiber ingredients can lead to painful digestive symptoms contributing to painful gas, bloating and cramping.

Although GoMacro bars have not been officially tested for FODMAP content, we have found at my practice, For a Digestive Peace of Mind, working with thousands of clients following the low FODMAP diet, that many IBS patients tolerate the following GoMacro bars: Protein Pleasure (peanut butter + chocolate chip) bar, Prolonged Power (banana + almond butter) bar, Protein Purity (sunflower butter + chocolate) bar, and Protein Replenishment (peanut butter) bar.


All GoMacro bars are gluten free. GoMacro bars come in a full size bar and also many varieties come in mini size too!

As a bonus to my readers, GoMacro has offered a 30% discount code to be used at their online shop, just enter discount/coupon code: Kate30

PLEASE note: there are other varieties of GoMacro bars that contain known high FODMAP ingredients such as dates, cashews, and apple, to name a few. If you are FODMAP sensitive, as always, read ingredients!

If you know already that certain GoMacro bars work for you, then feel free to use the discount coupon code, Kate30 and order up. (I don’t benefit if you order or not, so no pressure!) You can also purchase the bars individually in many grocery stores such as Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or Market Basket, or click here to find a store near you.

As always work with your health professional when selecting suitable products to include in your diet, as everyone’s tolerance to food is individual.



12 replies on “On the Go with GoMacro!

  • Julianne

    The Protein Replenishment bars are my go-to travel snack! Whenever I go somewhere with friends and I’m not sure that I’ll find something I can eat, I bring one of these bars to tide me over until I can make something for myself at home. They are filling but never make me feel bloated. Thanks for the discount code! I’m going to stock up.

  • Vivian

    I love these bars! They agree with me and are a good item to take along on hikes or whenever you might need a boost.

  • s

    The ones I found at Trader Joe’s contained coconut sugar, which I understand contains inulin? Would the small amount make them FF friendly? I tried one and felt fine, but for elimination would they still be ok?

    Thanks 😀

    • katescarlata

      Hi there, being in tune to how your body reacts to food is important. If a food hasn’t been tested for FODMAP content, I encourage patients to try small amounts to test their tolerance to it. If you tolerate a food without symptoms, no need to OVER restrict your diet and avoid it. The low FODMAP diet is designed to help manage symptoms. Coconut sugar is not in the app–though I suspect it will be similar to palm sugar–which is allowed in 1 TB portion.

  • jen

    I see that the ingredients include “pea protein,” which is an ingredient I’ve been noticing in many foods since I’ve begun reading labels more closely. Peas on the Monash app are red- is pea protein okay?

    • katescarlata

      The small amount of pea protein in the Go Macro bars appears well tolerated. Like other food products that have not been officially tested for FODMAP content, it’s important to trial them in small amounts at first to gauge tolerance. Many of my patients tolerate the GO Macro Bars I called out in my post very well. But, of course, everyone is different.

      • Jen

        Are these okay to eat during the elimination phase? I’m trying to find snacks that okay for my little one who has just begun the diet. Thanks so much for the help!

  • Carin

    Do you know if the GoMacro Thrive bars are low FODMAP? I prefer their consistency and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip flavor is yummy!
    Thanks for all the great advice!

    • katescarlata

      I think it is worth a try. There are some untested ingredients such as peanut flour–but feel it might work well for FODMAPers. Perhaps, try eating 1/2 at a time to test tolerance. Listen to your body. If no symptoms–then enjoy!

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