Zucchini Potato Tots

Hello Friends!

zucchini potato tots

Who wants tots?

These little zucchini potato tots are so tasty and fun to make, especially with a friend. Russ and I made them for our Valentine’s Day dinner.  You can certainly make them on your own…but it goes a bit quicker with a cooking buddy.

This is not one of my original recipes….the original can be found at She Likes Food here . I added an egg white to the recipe to help the potato and zucchini stick together easier.

Zucchini tots

Baking them on parchment paper makes them less likely to stick to the pan and fall apart.

tots ready to eat!

We loved this cute little tots! I want to try to make them with a combo of sweet and yukon gold potatoes next!  I love getting in a few more veggies in any way I can!