Mini low FODMAP Lemon Cream Pie in a Mason Jar

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Hello FODMAPers and Friends.

Today, I am sharing a quick and tasty dessert recipe with you….Lemon Cream Pie in a mini mason jar!

This recipe is easy peasy …as I used some ready made ingredients.

lemon pie in mason jar to go

How cute is this little mason jar lemon cream pie?  So cute, right!!?? 🙂

So, I started with one Ginny Bakes Coconut Oatmeal Bliss Cookie.  I crushed the heck out of the cookie, creating fine crumbs then added a tiny bit of melted butter to make a crust for my pie!  You can use another store bought low FODMAP cookie…but I really like the mix of oatmeal and coconut in this Ginny Bakes cookie! Not all of Ginny’s cookies contain low FODMAP ingredients–but a some do, such as the butter crisp cookie love and the chocolate chip cookie love (it does contain dark brown sugar, which has not been tested for FODMAP content as far as I know–but it is one of the latter ingredients so think it should be fine!)

Then I opened a jar of pre-made lemon curd. I like the Stonewall Kitchen variety–tangy and delish. I added just a bit of whipped cream to lighten up the lemon curd and tossed that over the chilled crust. Then I added another dollop of whipped cream.  You may be surprised to learn whipped cream is low FODMAP…but it has very little lactose making it suitable for FODMAPers! YIPPPPEEEE! Of course, it is high in fat so don’t go overboard.

pie to go

This recipe fits perfect in a 1/2 cup mason jar…making it a perfect dessert for one on the go! How fun is that?

Of course, I ate mine for dessert immediately. (Well….I did give Russ a couple spoonfuls.  Yes,he LOVED it!) The recipe provided makes one mini lemon cream pie BUT you can double, triple, quadruple the recipe as desired.

If purchasing pre-made lemon curd be sure to check that it is made with suitable low FODMAP ingredients.

OH…and a BIG congrats to Joyce the 21 Day Tummy Cookbook winner!


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