Sweet Strawberry Refrigerator Jam {low FODMAP}

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Hooray for strawberries! The farmer’s market strawberries have been so amazing in Maine this summer. They are a little expensive but so worth the taste. Sweet. as. can. be.

StrawberriesLast weekend, I purchased the sweetest local strawberries.  I decided I would try  to make a little  strawberry refrigerator jam with them.  Strawberry jam ingredientsAdding a little table sugar and fresh lemon juice made this berry jam perfectly sweet and tangy. Russ and I enjoyed the jam for breakfast!strawberry jam and toastFODMAPers can use suitable gluten free bread or  gluten free bagels for their bread option with the jam and peanut butter as shown or alternatively top a rice cake, breakfast oats or plain lactose free yogurt with 2 tablespoons of this tasty jam!  Monash University FODMAP researchers include strawberry jam as a low FODMAP food {green lighted} with a 2 tablespoon limit in their fabulous app.   Avoid commercial jams made with high fructose corn syrup.  Commercial jams often contain pectin which in small amounts seems to be tolerated.  Pectin is not a FODMAP.  It is made up of longer chain carbohydrates but like FODMAPs is rapidly fermentable and can cause GI distress for some.

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