Sesame Chicken with Asian Ginger Drizzle

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You’ll love this versatile chicken dish.  It’s so flavorful and works well over salad greens, in spring rolls, over rice or simply on it’s own.  sesame chicken close upThe Asian-inspired sauce made with fresh ginger gives the chicken an added wonderful flavor. The star ingredient is the sesame seeds that provide a nice delicate crust on the chicken. Sesame seedsFYI:  1 tablespoon is the cut off portion for sesame seeds per the Monash Uni low FODMAP app for FODMAPers.

I sliced up the chicken into strips, layered with colorful veggies and rolled up into a spring roll…but you can use this chicken any way you like it! And yes, it makes great leftovers so feel free to double up the recipe!Spring roll ingredientsI say, give this recipe a whirl.  You won’t be sorry.  Soooooo good!sesame chicken

 Whatever you do today, make sure it makes you smile! And as a bonus, help make someone else smile too!

11 replies on “Sesame Chicken with Asian Ginger Drizzle

  • GEM

    What are all the vegetables that you used when you made the spring rolls? I have missed sesame chicken as most recipes a lot of the flavor is due to garlic.

  • Ellen Mazzella

    This looks yummy. Can you let me know what veggies you used and how to prepare to spring rolls? Thanks for all you do!

  • Gail

    Hi Kate, I stopped the soy milk and have been drinking lactaid brand, and I tried the lactaid cottage cheese-kinda got to get used to its taste…Anyway, I also started taking a daily align probiotic with b infantis and still taking Floristor daily.
    I have been miserable with “IBS” since the end of December 2014.
    For the past two days I finally moved my bowels without taking anything like “cleanse more” or a laxative. Hooray! Maybe the align is a placebo effect but I feel better!

    I accidently consumed that super low calorie frozen dessert “Arctic 150” and had a really bad response, which I realized was probably due to the inulin in the product!
    Anyway this diet is hard and I think I am ready to solicit the support from a RD. I live in Vienna Virginia, near Maryland, do you have the name of someone I can contact?
    Thanks in advance for all you do!!!! Kind regards, Gail

  • Lesq

    I suffer like the person above. Can lactose be a problem if one suffers from constipation because of the lactose(sugar)? I have searched so many places and can’t find anything that speaks of lactose and constipation. They all state that lactose reactions lead to diarrhea and milk protein intolerance leads to constipation. Could you please shed some light on if eating lactose free dairy helps IBS-C with FODMAP relief. Thank you.

  • Debbie

    Hi Kate….I have been following the low fodmdps diet for over a year now. I purchased both of your 21 day tummy books and was wondering if they are considered suitable for low Fodmaps? Thanks

  • Thyra

    Hi Kate
    I have some questions I was wondering if you could answer, since you are the most reliable source of information on low FODMAP I know 🙂
    Do you know if black currants have been tested for FODMAP’s and I also read somewhere that cloves (the spice) is high FODMAP? There is also a lot of FODMAP-recipes that substitute ordinary sugar with rice malt syrup, is this lower in FODMAP that ordinary sugar? Saw on instagram you posted maple sugar that I think I will try out 🙂
    I’m also wondering about something relating to reactions to low FODMAP foods. When I eat grapes or blueberry my stomach gets upset even though I have only had three or four. But it seems that I tolerate jams better. Could this have to do with fibers you think?
    I also have strong reactions to coffee and cocoa in concentrated forms, eg dark chocolate (at the same time I tolerate both spelt flour and oat, which also contain fructans). Is there other forms of intolerance I should test, or do you have patients with similar reactions? Can also mention that I have endometriosis on my bowel which might aggrevate things.
    Thank you for continuing making such an excellent blog! Your a true lifesaver 🙂

    • katescarlata

      I have not seen data on clove.Currants are included in the Monash University app—which I highly recommend. And 1 TB is allowed per serving. You can use rice malt syrup or sugar–I do not believe there is a major difference from FODMAP perspective. You may have a fiber issue–not really sure. When there are nuances like you are experiencing with various foods–I highly suggest you see a dietitian to work out the details.

      • Thyra

        Thank you for your reply!
        I only found currants under dried fruit, and not as in red or black currants (Ribes, genus of berry plants) in the Monash app. Good to know I might just as well use ordinary sugar, and don’t have to substitute everything 🙂
        Will finally be seeing a dietitian on Monday!

  • Julie Ohara

    This recipe looks great. Some of my favorite ingredients. I do a similar topping for salmon, but haven’t thought to try it on chicken!

  • Blanche

    I am making this for a second time! I love it. Thanks, Kate, for some of the easiest and best low FODMAP recipes 🙂

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