Japan: Not All Who Wander are Lost.

Hello from Asia.

travelRuss and I are in Japan!russ and II am grateful that I married someone with a taste for adventure. We just got here on Saturday evening so I am just getting adjusted to the time difference, the food, and the train schedule. Tokyo is a very clean city and the people here have been so gracious and kind.

Traveling always provides a new and fresh perspective for me. Time to  focus more on all that I am grateful for in my life. Clarity of mind to think about my hopes and plans for the future. Being abroad in a country far from home with a very different culture also encourages me to step outside of my box and try new things.

<My pictures this post are taken from my iPhone…so not the best quality…but wanted to share some of my trip with you!>

The Japanese gardens are quite beautiful here.

russ on bridgeRuss worked today, so I did a little exploring.  I took the train to Asakusa, the home of Tokyo’s oldest shrine.  I was proud of myself…I didn’t get lost! Ha! 🙂


There was a service going on…so I took a pic from the outside looking in…inside of shrineOutside the shrine was a large vessel with smoking incense.  Visitors wave the smoke to toward their faces as the smoke is believed to have healing power.

smokeWhen in Japan, there are many shrines to peruse and lots of shopping to be done ….so… that is what I did! I walked around the Nakamise Shopping Arcade and then walked to Kappabashi Street full of vendors selling pottery, cooking knives and other interesting shops.  I found the cutest cookie cutter in the shape of a spoon I had to have. 

Rice crackers are for sale everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes.rice crackers

I found these little rice crackers dressed up in kimonos…had to have them too!rice cracker people

I got a little daring and got a little sweet pastry from a local merchant.  Not sure what it was….but it tasted good.  Ha!

Getting food that I like has been a little tricky for me.  I am very glad I brought supplies from home including small individual Barney’s almond butter, Nature’s Path Gorilla munch trail mix I made up with Gorilla munch, peanuts, gluten free pretzels and a few chocolate chips, and Go Macro peanut butter granola bars.  🙂  Just a few of my favorite products for on the go!

For my friends in New England, stay safe and warm.