Refreshing Fruit & Mint-infused Water

Bored with plain tap water?  Well, then… infuse it!

We love summer fruits and mint added to our filtered tap water for it’s light refreshing flavor and for its beauty.  Seriously gorgeous, right?

fruit and mint infused water

This time, I just added a few blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe and mint.  Cucumber and mint is a nice combo too! Strawberries and basil infused together nicely too! The fruit and herbs provide just a subtle flavor–but it makes for a very refreshing and inviting drink!

fruited waterJust add a handful (about 3/4 cup) of your favorite fruits {FODMAPers stick w/ your low FODMAP produce} to a glass jug,  add a few mint or basil leaves, store in fridge and use up within a day or two.

I always serve my water with one of my favorite paper straws.  I love these colorful straws..and have started to get quite a collection!!straws

So fun!paper straws Want to win a package of fun paper straws? Tell me what topics you’d like me to cover in my Tuesday Tips posts?  I will pick a random winner!

28 replies on “Refreshing Fruit & Mint-infused Water

  • sue briggs

    please review high protein, FODMAP friendly breakfast items for on the go!
    thanks enjoy the weekly blog

    • katescarlata

      Thanks Sue! Great idea! For one, I am loving the Go Macro peanut butter granola bars –as Whole Foods. They just removed the pea protein from their products–and these are one of my new favorite bars on the run!!

  • Nancy Profitt

    Maybe you could help us understand GMOs, and suggest some GMO-free low fodmap foods and brands. 🙂

  • Janine

    Would love to read your ideas on low-FODMAP eating while travelling, especially internationally. I spend a lot of time living in hotels & on airlines, and find it tricky to navigate FODMAPS while out & about. Branded products from the US tend to be difficult to find!

    P.S. As I’m in the UK please skip my name from the straw draw.

  • Mary

    I have two topic ideas – I am recently diagnosed with anemia and looking for foods high in iron that are fodmap friendly and work into lunches to go.

    Also, just started exploring tofu and I am confused about which ones are OK to use and what types to use for different applications (soft, firm, etc)

  • Valerie Yasner

    Using seasonal produce any Low FodMap recipes would make a terrific Tuesday post. Especially ion this harvest season!!!

  • Kathy

    I was just complaining about how sick I was of plain tap water. I am not a huge juice drinker and don’t like soda at all – diet or regular. I tried a Vitamin Water but it is really high in sugar but at least it had flavor! But w/ all the sugar I don’t want to have that too often. This sounds like a great idea for a bit of flavored water. As for tips, I’m drawing a blank. Thanks for this recipe and all you do for others w/ digestive health issues.

  • Melissa M.

    I’m relatively new to your blog, so maybe you’ve already covered this, but a few easy and healthy crock-pot dinner recipes would be nice.

  • Kate & Maddie

    Can’t wait to try the infused water… Yummy!! And the straws perk up any drink… We were just admiring some pretty paper straws at the store the other day. As for Tuesday Tip ideas, we’re always looking for food ideas when we host dinners and luncheons (for kids and adults). So we’d love to hear about big dishes that can appeal to a wide range of folks. OR traveling tips (just came back from a weekend in NYC), so travel is on my brain!

  • Lauri

    I’d like to see something on what to take to potlucks that are FODMAP friendly but won’t have people looking at it with that weird look on their face. I’ve heard a lot of “Quin-what??”


    Water flavoured with fruits and herbs it’s perfect idea for sceptic people who don’t like ‘normal’ water. We don’t put into the water extra sugar and calories but only delicious and delicate flavour of our favorite fruits.

  • Kathy

    Please do a post on fermented foods and FODMAPS and digestive issues. I know they should be beneficial for most people but can’t quite figure out if I can tolerate them.

  • Kate H.

    Great site! I have been battling IBS for over 25 years. This is the first time I feel relief from my symptoms. Plus, your recipes are delicious! – Thank you!

    As for suggestions, how about desk snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated or don’t need much for prep? I eat my mini-meals throughout the work day and would love some suggestions!

  • Diane Miller

    I would love to see suggestions for FODMAP friendly brown-bag lunches (for adults and kids). I find myself packing the same cheese sandwich on gluten-free bread day after day. Thank you so much for the extensive and trustworthy information on your blog; it’s been a lifesaver!

  • Nancy

    Kate –
    Just love your ideas and photography. You make everything look delish! I’m not a water lover so I’m really excited to try this out (although I’ll have to go out and find myself a glass pitcher and find myself some cute straws!!). Presentation is everything!

    • katescarlata

      Resistant starch is fermentable –but it is not a FODMAP. FODMAPs are short chain (small) carbs–and starches have longer carb chains Can it cause symptoms–yes. I don’t think it needs to be completely eliminated. It’s important to provide some substrate for our gut bacteria–we don’t want to starve them all.

  • Jessica

    Eating out suggestions

    Replacements for Soda

    Low sugar foods (some of the lactose free yogurt has a lot of sugar)

    GMO free items. I’m also surprised they put aspartame as a recommended sugar on the list… maybe this is something you could address as the newer studies on aspartame are being released.

    Quick meals (20 minutes or less)

    Alcohol… totally eliminate or are there better drinks (for your tummy) to have on occasion.

  • Linda

    I would love Tuesday Tips on chocolate and soy products. I’m confused by the status of both of those things as they come in a variety of forms, not all of which are bad… I think? So much like the onion, I would love some clarity on those two items.

  • Martha Campbell

    I am new to this diet and am confused as to salad dressings, condiments, etc. Can I use mayonnaise? What salad dressings are the best to use and which ones should be avoided.

    • katescarlata

      Martha, most salad dressings have onion and garlic–sometimes hidden in the ingredient list noted as :natural flavorings. So try to make your own. I have many listed on this site. Many mayos are okay–avoid those w/ high fructose corn syrup.

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