FODMAP education

Okay…I am so excited to be at U Michigan to speak about FODMAPs today!

I have a very detailed agenda…so I will keep this post short and sweet! U mich

First stop, at 7:30 AM this morning (up and at ’em) I spoke at U Michigan GI grand rounds.  Did I mention, I LOVE my job!?  What is more fun to talk about than FODMAPs and functional gut disorders? Nothing at all…if you ask me. 😉

This afternoon, I will be speaking to U Michigan dietitians followed up with a 2 hour more intense workshop with a smaller group of GI dietitians.

…and who knew I would be doing all this speaking?  I was the little, shy, red head that couldn’t speak in front of the class without my ears turning red and hot and feeling like I might pass out! Ha!

I guess it goes to show you….it really is… mind over matter!

From Michigan I fly off to NYC where I will provide the keynote at a Greater New York Dietitian Association  meeting.   Any NYC dietitians out there? Hope to see you! Click here to learn more!

Next stop…Paris!  But I will fill you in more about that later.   Mostly vacation…but a couple very fun work events thrown in!

But before I sign off for today…if you live near Washington DC (or want to join by webinar) I want to share with you an upcoming event I will be speaking at hosted by University of North Carolina School of Medicine for people with functional gut and motility disorders (IBS). This is a patient oriented meeting with top GI experts.  This event should be accessible worldwide via webinar so click here to learn more!

3 replies on “FODMAP education

    • katescarlata

      Oh great Kerry…I recommend the webinar–many key GI experts will be speaking! Should be interesting! They also will be doing 2 hour workshops w/ different practitioners in the afternoon which should be very helpful for people.

  • Cindy

    Thanks for the heads up. May drag my twin sister with me, who is concerned about me. I work in DC, live in Annapolis, so this is one seminar/webinar I don’t want to miss!

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