Hello from San Francisco!

I flew into San Francisco yesterday to teach a FODMAP workshop with my colleague Patsy Catsos today to a group of Bay area RDs.  The weather is beautiful here in SF and I had a chance to walk around the city yesterday.trolley

San Francisco  iconic trolleys make their way up the hilly streets. Walking the hills is quite a workout…but worth the views!

At the San Francisco airport I met a women at baggage claim (don’t you love random opportunities to meet inspiring people?) waiting for our luggage.  We were waiting for a while because our bags, for some unknown reason, came to on a different baggage claim area than everyone else on our flight.  Anyway….later in the day I ran into her again-sitting at a cafe in the heart of the city. (What are the odds of that??)  I had noticed at the airport she had a bag that said something about running and women.  So I stopped and asked if she was running in the Nike’s Women San Francisco marathon this weekend (She is not) but she shared with me that she has a website and business dedicated to women and running.  Check out her site if you are a runner like me and even if you are a wanna be runner you may be inspired by her site and blog posts.

I love supporting inspiring women’s work–and so I wanted to also pass along my Australian dietitian friend, Emma Stirling’s post about women rights–and the Girls rising project–and the power of education for girls. I met Emma when I visited Melbourne Monash researchers back in 2011.

After San Francisco, Patsy and I are off to Portland, Oregon to teach another FODMAP workshop.  I LOVE teaching dietitians about the low FODMAP diet as it incorporates many facets of our education–human digestion, food science & food chemistry…and so much more!

Hope you are having a great week!