Color my run!

The new craze in running is color running and quite honestly this is right up my alley.

I love running and well, why not make it even funner?

This morning Russ and I participated in a Splash Color run….and we got messy and sweaty and we loved it!

We started out nice and clean.  bw color run

Note the wig, Russ thought it would make the run funner….and I agree.  Do you? 🙂

Here are our local photographers!   Russ’ Mom and Dad!our photographers

Here’s few pictures from our run!picframe

After the race, the runners threw up some color and got even more messy!colors flying

Learn more on Color Run or Splash of  Color sites.  IMG_9099

You can walk, run, skip….  Just do it!post run

And bring someone fun to share the experience with….wearing a wig I learned DOES make it funner!Image 3

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