Banana Bread Brownies

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I was an inspired this past week by a Pinterest post.  When I saw the picture of  banana bread bars with icing…I COULD NOT WAIT to make them.  Click here for the original recipe!  I admit, I am impulsive at times.  Some may say that being impulsive is a bad thing BUT most of the time it works for me! 🙂  If I see something I want, I go get it.  Right then!   When I am inspired by a recipe or even about a work project…I get moving RIGHT away…  So…enough about me, really…

How do these Banana Bread Brownies look to you?  I couldn’t wait to dig in…so I didn’t.  Ha! 🙂banana bread brownies

Yum, right?

I like to mash my bananas with my potato masher.  They get nice and mushy.

mashing banana I love walnuts in banana bread, do you?  If not, just don’t add ’em. blending ingredBut really the best part of this recipe is the browned butter icing. Seriously, this icing is ridiculously good. These Banana Bread Brownies with browned butter icing were so tasty!  The icing makes them very decadent….feel free to enjoy the brownies without it too.

banana bread brownies

I did use Chobani Greek yogurt in this recipe.  The entire 6 ounce container contains about 5 grams of lactose so should not pose a problem for most FODMAPers spread out in the entire recipe, however,  feel free to sub in lactose free yogurt.

So before I leave you today, I have a question for you.

What’s your earliest memory of blissful happiness?

For me, this brings up a childhood memory… running around my house with my  basset hound Max chasing after me!  Max was the first to show me what unconditional love is all about. I have always been an animal lover.  Here I am with one of my many childhood cats!photo

Don’t forget to get in some blissful happiness this week!  Start my making a list of what makes you blissfully happy!  Then go get some!

5 replies on “Banana Bread Brownies

  • Esther

    Hi Kate ..
    I have been struggling w/IBS-C for almost three years .. I went to a dietician this week and although she spoke about the FODmaps diet she put me on the anti diarrhea diet ..
    I mentioned several times that my major problem is my food sensitivities .. I manage to get enough fiber throughout the day so constipation is not a daily problem for me most days .. but I have a very limited diet .. I can not eat fruits or veggies other than applesauce .. Banana and baked potato .. She now wants me to eat the potato without the skin which i have been tolerating just fine and try substituting one half cup of strawberries which have been frozen .. Does this make sense to you ? Thank you .. Esther

    • katescarlata

      Esther, I would circle back with the dietitian and ask her rationale for putting you on the ‘anti-diarrhea’ diet vs. the low FODMAP. She may have a very valid reason for this type of nutritional intervention for you… I can’t provide individual medical nutritional therapy on my blog as I am not privy to medical information that would serve to guide treatment. Always ask your health care providers for their rationale of therapy if it does not make sense to you. Good health care should involve a well educated health care practitioner as well as an active patient that asks questions and provides as much info as possible to help determine proper diagnosis and care.

  • Faye

    Hi, I’m actually in the process of making this now and I’m not sure if an 8×8 pan is correct. I followed your recipe exactly and it wasn’t done after 35 minutes. I looked at the original recipe and they used a 15×10 pan, significantly larger. I’m popping it back in the oven for additional cooking time and I hope it’s salvageable.

    • katescarlata

      Hi Faye, I modified the original recipe and used an 8 x 8 and it cooked up in 35 minutes for me. Sometimes oven cooking time does vary so it’s best to check baked products with a cake tester. I hope its salvageable too.

  • Faye

    It was fine after an additional 20 minutes and tasted great. Guess it just varies, thanks!

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