A Cappuccino Snow Run

Russ and I have the BEST linens for our bed. They are made from bamboo and are super soft and ridiculously cozy.  Since we spend about 1/3 of our life in bed, why not make it special?   So…on this snowy and cold morning, I was a bit unmotivated to get out of my  toasty bed and put on my running clothes.  BUT I am sure glad I did.

Here I am… out in the blustery weather.kate running I am so glad Russ and I got out there to get a little work out in.  No one ever regrets exercising, right??

After our run, we always grab a coffee and walk home.  We do love this routine.  Today, we decided to go in deep and get a cappuccino.  Look at this frothy goodness…..MMMMM…  We order our cappuccino on the dry side– so it’s mostly frothy milk foam and an expresso shot. I can’t tolerate a lot of milk in my diet, so a dry cappuccino or even extra dry cappuccino has just the right amount for my body.  Russ goes a little heavy with the chocolate powder, don’t you think? Ha! 🙂Java

After our workout, we came home and whipped up a smoothie.  Frozen berries, a bit of pineapple, frozen cubes of light coconut milk, pepitas and lemon Greek yogurt.  OMG—so good and refreshing–and a good re-fuel for our muscles.

I got the cute cup…smoothie kate

And Russ got the short glass and fat straw.  (He likes the fat straws better….just in case you were wondering?!)

smoothie Russ

For a FODMAP friendly smoothie–opt for lactose free yogurt and keep your fruit to about 1/2 cup, FODMAP friendly options, of course. Pepitas or raw de-shelled pumpkin seeds are a GREAT source of magnesium.  Magnesium is a wonderful anti-inflammation mineral–great for after a workout too!

So… here’s to motivation!  Stay focused and get the exercise your body needs to stay healthy and strong. Put exercise on your calendar this week and stick to your plan!  Have a great week ahead and I am sure I will be posting soon some fun concoction made for you in my kitchen.


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