Exciting News! The FODMAP app is here!

It’s the little things that excite me.

I just received an email from Dr. Jane Muir, Monash University’s Head of Translational Nutritional Science, to let me know that it’s official the low FODMAP app is here… this made me happy! 🙂

So I couldn’t wait to share this news with you!

The app is called The Monash University low FODMAP diet app.

Here is the link if you need one!

I took a quick screen shot of the app from my iPhone.fodmap app

And yes, there is an app for that!

Now, thanks to the research team at Monash, a new smartphone application has been launched TODAY which provides accurate information about foods that trigger IBS reactions.  The launch of the app came in response to an increasing number of requests about the FODMAP content of food.  “We had a growing database and wanted to make this information available” says Dr. Jane Muir.  “A smartphone application is an ideal way of delivering information to where it’s needed-to IBS patients, health professionals and scientists in the field.”

Look for the Monash app for accurate and up to date FODMAP information, search the app store on your iPad or iPhone for: “The Monash University Low FODMAP diet.” Foods are listed in the application using a traffic light system (red=avoid, yellow/orange=moderate green are low) and according to serving sizes.  For instance, a half cup of broccoli may be well tolerated but more than that could trigger symptoms. There is a grocery shopping feature and a recipe section as well!  The application will be updated every twelve months and will be available for android devices next year.  All proceeds from the sale of the application will go to the Department of Gastroenterology at Monash University to fund further research.  

20 replies on “Exciting News! The FODMAP app is here!

  • Jackie

    Please do keep us informed as to when the app will be available for android devices. I am looking forwrd to being albe to down load it!!!

  • Mary

    Thank you for posting the link to this app. I have already downloaded it. It is fantastic!

    Quick question…Are both ripe and green bananas now considered FODMAPS safe? I thought only ripe bananas were “safe”

    Love your blog BTW. I have tried many of your recipes and they were all quite yummy.

  • Beatrice Carey

    Thanks for telling us about this. It is so much easier than having to look up a book everytime you want to eat something! Also, this is the best low FODMAP resource i have found so far!



    • katescarlata

      I so agree Beatrice. I am consulting on a book project at the moment…and I love having the FODMAP app handy with me wherever I may be! So handy and includes more than the booklet did as well!

  • Beatrice Carey


    Have you any suggestions for things that we can make/eat for Chrissy? We’re doing prawns and pavlova but any other things you suggest might be suitable? Perhaps roast veggies?

    p.s I’m in Australia hence the weather appropriate food 🙂 but suggestions for either hemisphere are good!


  • Gina

    Hi Kate,

    I’m wondering if you might be able to answer a few question I have related to some items on the food guide portion of the FODMAP app… many of the items have generic names like ‘biscuit, savory, plain’ (which looks like a Ritz cracker to me) and ‘bread, wheat white’. I have been having my husband avoid both of these products based on the diet. Do you have any insight as to whether or not I’m reading this correctly, and that those foods are acceptable in the specified quantities? Also, does it matter what ‘brand’?

    It also seems tricky with the juices portion, too. For example orange juice 1 is ok in a 1/2 glass portion, but orange juice 2 is not. How would I know what brand? It also looks like vegetable juice brand 1 and 2 are ok… maybe this is V8 which I have been avoiding since it contains beet juice and celery?

    I’m not sure, and just looking for others’ experience! I plan to leave a review for the app and hopefully get feedback that way, too.


  • Tamara

    I was wondering if someone could comment on the usefulness of this app now that it has been out for a year. I am a new FODMAP dieter and was wondering if it is useful to others. There is no rating for it at the App Store. Thanks.

    • katescarlata

      Any recs for Tamara anyone?? I can say that I LOVE having the app. It really is a terrific resource and b/c it gets updated from Monash U –the team that is doing the bulk of food testing–it is up to date.

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