Whole Fruit Popsicles

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I hope all my US friends enjoyed America’s birthday!  We had a blast!  The Scarlata clan headed into Boston to check out the Tall Ships and enjoy all of the festivities on July 3rd and then spent an overnight to enjoy even more of the city the next day.

What a great family day and most events were free of charge!  Here is one of the beautiful ships’ masts and sails.

The Blue Angels flew over a few times.  I just love this kind of stuff…so cool.

They also did a special maneuver and all departed in different directions….all directly over our heads. Nice!

It was also a beautiful moon lit night over Boston harbor.  This picture was taken right next to the location where all the tea was dumped in the Boston harbor many years ago by the Boston Tea party.

On July 4th the USS Constitution did a turn around in the harbor. This wooden hulled, three masted frigate of the US Navy is the world’s oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat.  Seeing this old warship in the harbor on July 4th was a very special site.  

So in honor of the United States birthday, I made red, white and blue rocket pops! Really they are more purple, off white and reddish pink BUT the thought was there!