F is for Farm, Food and Fun!

Say yes, to fresh local produce!

An enthusiastic hard working group of Medway, Massachusetts Memorial School fourth grade classes certainly does say, “YES!”, especially when they worked so hard growing their very own produce at Medway Community Farm!

As a registered dietitian, Medway resident and Medway Community Farm Community Supported Agriculture member, I was thrilled to visit with the children of the fourth grade classes of Mrs. Nash, Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Hickman and Mrs. Butler as they worked, sold their produce, dug in the dirt and planted vegetables on the farm. These fantastic fourth graders have been tending their veggies so they could in turn sell their harvest to raise funds to support the Medway Community Farm and provide their farm fresh produce for the Medway Food Pantry.

What a wonderful Community Service Learning (CSL) project which allows the kids to put their science, mathematics, language, writing and newly found farming skills to good work! This is the third spring growing season for the project, one that is a sustainable CSL project in partnership with the farm.

This year the kids designed a farm museum, which highlighted facts about farming in Medway.

They also had a taste-testing table! YUM!

Of course, homemade scrumptious lemonade was available.  Delicious!

Here is Dominic  juicing a lemon!

Meet John another hard-working lemonade stand worker!

To prepare the produce for sale, the veggies are rinsed.

Here’s Mitch giving the cilantro a quick bath.

Max, Hanna, Mackenzie, Andrew, Danny, and Sam harvest spinach and lettuce with Brittany, the farm manager.

Cashiers Rory, Kylie, Lauren and Tessa collect the money from sales of their beautiful farm fresh produce.

Look at that great kohlrabi I am purchasing! Last year I purchase kohlrabi and baked up some kohlrabi chips.  Check out my recipe and last years post here!

Olivia and Christa ‘man’ the recipe table, which is filled with many creative  ways to prepare the farm fresh harvest.

What a wonderful learning experience for children!  The kids truly beamed with pride explaining what types of produce they had available for purchase.

In a time where American’s waistlines have never been bigger…exposing children to all the wonderful, nourishing farm fresh food offers them a fighting chance to get back to the healthy basics and enjoy food the way nature intended for them.

I hope you say, “YES!” to locally grown farm fresh produce!

If you are local to Medway, Massachusetts you are in luck!

The Medway Community Farm farmer’s market will be open to the public Thursdays starting July 5 from 3-6 PM at the Medway Garden Center … if you live in the area, you can enjoy farm fresh produce, fresh baked artisan breads from Proofed Artisan and Traditional Breads and Julie Z’s Breads (including some gluten free), Lawton family farm’s grass fed beef, cheese and eggs and Fior D’Italia’s freshly made pasta!

The farmer’s market will also have a rotating community booth showcasing a different community organization each week.
I hope to see you at the farmer’s market!