Destination: Puerto Rico

Russ and I headed to Puerto Rico for well-needed down time.  Why Puerto Rico?  We wanted to visit a tropical location that we have never visited.  We also wanted to get there on a non-stop flight.  Puerto Rico fit the bill and exceeded our expectations.

First, the people of Puerto Rico were very friendly and seemed to be always laughing.  I like that!

You have got to love the colors in Old San Juan.

So beautiful, right?The old town center was so quaint and had such visual appeal.

The highlight of our trip was an excursion we signed up for to go zip lining in the rain forest.  Hmmm….I did not know that part of a relaxing vacation required putting on a helmet!

We just signed up and really were not sure what to expect.

In fact, I really did not expect to be scaling wet slippery rocks up a waterfall.  This was not on my “relaxing” down time plan….but we had a blast!

Seriously….did I sign up for this?

After the hike, we were treated to one of the tour guide’s Aunt’s home cooking.  How cool is that?

Including an assortment of appetizers…I particularly loved the little corn meal fritters on the right.  So yum!

Empanadas, fried batatas (Batatas Fritas) and sorullitos (corn meal fritters).

We also visited a local farmer’s market….because that’s what nutritionists do on vacation.{or maybe that’s just me!}  Russ is so good and always goes along with my fun plans….

We found all sorts of local produce…

and…this looks cool but not sure what it is!??

and even found some aloe.

And of course, we drank rum from a coconut.  

We also acted like tourists and visited The Castillo de San Cristóbal,  a Spanish fort that was built to protect the city of San Juan from outside attacks. This San Juan national historic site is definitely worth a visit.

Very cool place and it’s amazing that it was built in the 1500’s!

Great sites.  (Including that cute guy,right?)

I love this sculpture that represents the legend that a prayer procession of the women of San Juan, led by the Bishop, praying for salvation of their city during a British siege of San Juan ultimately led to the British turning away from the attack.

Puerto Rico is  island is full of culture and although a part of the US, is so rich in it’s own culture…you really feel quite far away.

Walking the beach, relaxing poolside, exploring and even zip lining….Puero Rico delivered.

But as always, it’s great to be back home.