Irish Brown Bread

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One of my fondest memories of Ireland was the delicious whole grain bread served at every meal. Made with buttermilk and whole grains, the bread is rich and hearty.

Ireland is such a beautiful country with breathtaking scenery.

Many homes have such an inviting feel.

The small little villages are so quaint.

Russ and I found our trip to Ireland to be very restful and nurturing.

Every now and then we like to re-live our trip and enjoy some of that  hearty Irish bread.  This weekend was one of those times. We enjoyed some Irish bread with breakfast; of course, some coffee and fresh fruit too.  So…I thought I would share my Irish brown bread recipe with you. 

This bread is tasty, simple and full of whole grains! {Unfortunately not FODMAP friendly but perhaps after the challenge phase you may learn you can tolerate this delightful bread in small quantity!}

{This recipe is NOT low in FODMAPs but you could try to make it FODMAP-friendly by making lactose free buttermilk with lactose free milk and vinegar, and try to sub in gluten free flour mixture for whole wheat pastry flour and all-purpose flour}



3 replies on “Irish Brown Bread

  • elise

    do you have any favorite GF flours to recommend? ive tried oat flour and brown rice flour, but have yet to find a good combo that works for yeast bread in my breadmaker. im thinking of giving quinoa and sorghum flours a go too. just wondered if you’d heard any fodmaps free options that were successful in baking loaves. thanks!

  • Amber F.

    My mother used to make bread that looked just like that, and I would put peanut butter on it! I’ll have to try this recipe and see if it tastes the same too.

    Of course the best solution is probably to take a trip to Ireland! 🙂

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