Gluten Free Egg and Cheese Soufflé

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At the New England Celiac Conference in October,  I visited the Udi’s Gluten free foods table to speak with the “Udi’s girls” about all their great gluten free products!  I recommend Udi’s products all the time to my clients with celiac disease or other digestive health concerns that require using gluten free (GF) products.

After meeting the Udi’s girls, I was contacted by Udi’s to see if I would be willing to whip up a GF recipe holiday recipe using Udi’s bread.  This kind of challenge is right up my alley! So…of course, I said, “YES! Send me some breads!”

At first,  I thought I would make some bread pudding but then thought perhaps I should try a more savory side dish.  My mom used to make this recipe called “cheese pit” during the holidays so I thought I would use that as my base recipe and as usual, add a little twist.  Years ago I made a cook book (back in the day of typewriters!) and included Mom’s cheese pit recipe. My cookbook is pretty beat up…but I guess that’s because it get’s good use!

I made my recipe with Udi’s white bread but I bet the millet chia would be good too!  {And for those non-gluten followers-sub in your favorite bread.}

I added Cabot Cheese’s Pepper Jack to my soufflé –to add a bite! (All Cabot Cheeses are gluten free per their website but always double check ingredients if you are not sure about gluten content or on the food manufacturer’s website for gluten information.)

Love this cheese.

After tossing ingredients together {recipe below} the mixture goes into the refrigerator overnight.  I didn’t have any chives on hand, so made it without this time.  But, I have to admit, it does taste better with a bit of chives. 🙂  This is what the mixture should look like when you wake up in the morning!

Cook it up and it looks like this!

Yes, even my cat, Molly enjoyed the fun!  As she plays inside the Udi’s box!



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