Lessons from my dog, Lucy!

Lessons I have learned from our chocolate lab, Lucy…

Who knew a dog could teach me a few things about how to live a well-balanced life but lo and behold, along came LUCY!

Lucy was just 7 weeks when we brought her into our home…how cute, huh?

Walking today with my furry girlfriend, I thought about some of the important life lessons she has taught me in her short time living with our family….

Here are a few of Lucy’s Life Lessons…

About Love

If you love someone, slobbering them with kisses is usually a good idea.

About Life Balance

If you are tired, honor your body and take a break.  Laying under a shady tree on a summer day or cuddling up on the couch just may  be what the doctor ordered.

About Travel

Choose a destination that is surrounded with water.  Being a Lab, Lucy LOVES the water.  Last summer, she swam for the first time at Half Moon Lake in New Hampshire.  So Lucy reminds me that taking a dip is good for the body and the soul and a great place to cool off after a long walk.

About Life

Take pleasure in the small things.  Lucy finds “the fun” in an empty water bottle or a piece of rope, that’s about all she needs.  She proves that a walk in the woods, snuggling on the couch or tossing a ball around is good simple fun.

About Food

Listen to your body, if certain foods don’t agree with you then don’t eat them. Lucy started off with a “healthy” dog food but it didn’t agree with her.  A quick change to another healthy food and she was good to go. So… if an Italian sub sandwich gives you heartburn then maybe you shouldn’t eat it.  Just sayin’

Lucy is a great role model and teaches us every day how to act like better human-beings.  For that, I am grateful!

Has your dog taught you a thing or two?