Biking with a view!

Every summer we make a point to take a bike ride on the East Bay Bike Path in Providence all the way to Bristol, Rhode Island.  It’s a good trek and full of beautiful scenery; in fact, I think it’s one of the most beautiful bike path’s in the area.

We opt to rent bikes at East Providence Cycle which is very close to the bike path and is easier than packing up our own bikes.  The staff at the bike shop are great and they fit us with helmets (a must), a combination lock and of course, bikes!

Today, Russ and I  along with  our 2 boys, Kevin and Brennan, were up for the ride.  We all start off together but very soon into the ride the boys are far ahead of us.  

The scenery along the way is picturesque.  I think biking is so relaxing when done off the road!

Russ approaches Bristol harbor, a beautiful view for the end of our ride!

The ride takes us a little over an hour and when we get to Bristol we are ready for lunch.  We like  DeWolf Tavern, especially their Brussel Sprouts Cornbread Hash!  Today we ordered 2 orders. YUM!

This dish inspired me to make my own version, which I featured on a previous blog, check it out here! After lunch we peruse the shops and then get a treat to refuel us for the ride back!  We like to stop at the Beehive Cafe for their homemade granola bars full of oats, flaxseed and a few chocolate chips.  Their iced coffee is good and the boys both like lemon squares so I picked up one for them to taste. 

We journeyed back to Providence enjoying the gorgeous scenery one more time.

Then back home to relax with Lucy, our chocolate lab!

If you like to bike, I highly recommend the East Bay Bike Path!