Refreshing! Special Herb Iced Tea

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I love water! It is my favorite drink on earth!  Next comes coffee and next is a toss up between a nice rich beer or an amazing glass of cabernet (all in moderation, of course!).  But in the spring and summer, I enjoy a glass of iced tea now and again.  So I make my special herb iced tea with lemon and mint.  When you see how special it looks you too will be calling it your special ice tea too!

My latest craze is using  canning jars as beverage glasses.  They are so inexpensive and so cute.  My kids love them too!  So this week,  I bought a case of them.

Making iced tea is really quite simple.  First you grow some mint. Of course, you could also buy some at the store.  It really is so easy to grow and is great in all sorts of  recipes like in tabbouleh, salads and even burgers.   Doesn’t it look so pretty?

To make tea, you really can use whatever tea you have or enjoy drinking.  You will need the equivalent of 4 tea bags and  4 cups of  boiling water.  Sometimes I use all herbal teas such as mint and lemon and sometimes I go for green tea.   Today, I found this box of Tazo Iced Tea so I used it.  Check out those fabulous ingredients:

After the tea simmers in the boiling water, I add 100% Grape juice to the tea.  For every 4 cups of tea, I add 1 cup of grape juice.   The grape juice gives the tea a hint of sweetness and plus some extra nutritional perks from manganese, magnesium and calcium too.  Studies reveal that grape juice, like it’s cousin red wine,  also reduces risk of blood clots, lowers the bad cholesterol and helps maintain a healthy blood pressure, not bad, huh?  Grape juice has about 140 calories per cup so keep your portion size in check!

Doesn’t this look refreshing?  

Won’t you try my (soon to be your) special iced tea?

Enjoy this tea all summer long-full of antioxidants and only 28 calories per cup!  

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