My favorite Irish Soda Bread

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When traveling to Ireland is not an option…make this delightful Irish Bread!

I love the breads in Ireland, simple with a hint of buttermilk.  My friend Meg shared this recipe with me and it’s by far my favorite.  Very simple, not infused with a complexity of flavors, just right for what I find to be a true comfort food. The Barefoot Contessa has a version with currents and orange zest that appeals to me as well, but Meg’s version is simply delicious.

Other than the usual flour, egg, butter, sugar or typical household pantry items, I make sure I purchase some organic buttermilk and organic raisins have  to on hand.Why organic raisins?  I like to purchase organic dried fruit because I am not in charge of washing off the pesticide residues, (I don’t normally wash dried fruit) so I just feel better about choosing organic to limit my family’s pesticide exposure.

  Mix dough just enough to blend ingredients.

I use a 9″ non-stick spring-form pan to make this recipe as it makes a hearty bread and the ingredients fill the pan perfectly.  You could use a similar size cast iron skillet too.  The recipe is easy to cut in half, if so, just use a regular 9″ cake pan.This recipe is a great addition to a brunch or afternoon tea party.  It’s made with all purpose flour so isn’t the healthiest bread on earth, but it sure is one of the tastiest breads on earth and so can be enjoyed in moderation in any well-balanced life.


Travel is an important part of my well-balanced life; I hope you enjoy my pics of Ireland.
I found Ireland to be one of my most restful vacations.   My husband, Russ and I visited Dingle Bay for the majority of our visit. In this picture above the white dots on top of the hills  are more sheep!  When driving through Ireland it looks like popcorn has invaded the hills!
 Russ describes our trip to Ireland as if “someone wrapped us up in a warm blanket.” So if you are looking to get out of the “rat-race”, I recommend a trip to Ireland.  This recipe is like bringing a touch of Ireland to your home. (Italians will like this bread too! I had to put that in there for my father-in-law, Tony-Ha!)  Enjoy!

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