One of my favorite spots in the world…
There is nothing quite as beautiful as the beaches in Bermuda! Pink sand, turquoise water and the warm sun. A great place to get some well needed relaxation, an important part of a well-balanced life.
Tucker’s Point Hotel and Spa Beach is gearing up for high season. Russ and I enjoyed the tranquility of March in Bermuda!
Room service is a well-needed and desired treat when vacationing, especially when included in the room rate! Russ and I treated ourselves to the European bread basket but kept the rest of our meal good’n healthy!
Gearing up for a moped trip around the “bermudaful” island of Bermuda, I grabbed a couple of water bottles, Kashi bar (I never know when I may get hungry) and of course VIa–we love this Starbucks staple to add to spruce up a mediocre cup of coffee or to whip up a quick Iced coffee on the run. Life’s too short for bad coffee.
It’s cocktail hour and Russ went for the Bermuda special, a Dark and Stormy while I opted for a tasty Cosmo. A nice way to end a wonderful day in one of our very favorite spots, Bermuda.

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  • Bonnie

    OMG way to make someone JEALOUS with all these beautiful trips-Bermuda looks awesome! So glad you have the opportunity to get away! Love your webpage!

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