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#fodmapchat many probiotic formulas contain prebiotics. Most of the added prebiotics are FODMAPs eg FOS or inulinDr Jaci Barrett
Q1 Why should whole foods be the focus of the low FODMAP diet vs. food products? #fodmapchatKate Scarlata, RD
A1 So many additives added to commercial food products so don’t go overboard and choose more whole foods. #fodmapchatKate Scarlata, RD
A1 commercial corn syrups may have varying amounts of fructose so hard to determine #fodmap content for sure. #fodmapchatKate Scarlata, RD
On general principle I’d say; better source of nutrition in every way. #fodmapchatPatsy Catsos, MS, RD
#fodmapchat Q1 More processing a product has & longer the ingredient list, more likely it is to have a hidden FODMAP ingredientJess Biesiekierski
A1. It easy to tell what the "ingredients" are in whole foods:) #fodmapchatPatsy Catsos, MS, RD
#fodmapchat whole foods all the way! If I can’t read the name it’s not good for you and minimal ingredients are the way to go!Kristen Lucisano
Q2 Any official word on coconut milk, coconut cream and shredded coconut? #fodmapchatKate Scarlata, RD
#fodmapchat A2 All are safe, just be conscious of high fat content and other ingredients in meal e.g. onion/garlic in curry sauceJess Biesiekierski
@foodforlife_KLL #fodmapchat A1 We often recommend avoiding wheat or rye when in LARGE amounts, but be more conscious of onion/garlic as <2%Jess Biesiekierski
Q3Is chocolate in any form okay on low #fodmap diet? #fodmapchatKate Scarlata, RD
#fodmapchat A3 Chocolate is next to be FODMAP analysed!Jess Biesiekierski
Q4 Any evidence for some with IBS to go gluten free? #fodmapchatKate Scarlata, RD
#fodmapchat A4 My Study #1 found some evidence for the existence of ‘non-coeliac gluten sensitivity’… but Study #2 did not!Jess Biesiekierski
#fodmapchat A4 Coeliac disease remains the only illness medically requiring a strict lifelong GFDJess Biesiekierski
#fodmapchat A4 People may be feeling better being GF, because they are automatically selecting a low FODMAP diet!Jess Biesiekierski
#fodmapchat A4 Gut symptoms in NCGS ppl may be masked by some who believe their symptoms are due to gluten when it is indeed FODMAPsJess Biesiekierski
many try gluten free first and feel it helps but it could be a restriction of fodmaps that occurs concurrently with gluten free #fodmapchatDr Jaci Barrett
Q5 What soy based products are low in FODMAPs? #fodmapchatKate Scarlata, RD
@DrJaciBarrett any opinion on presence of gliadin antibodies in stool to suggest NCGS? #fodmapchatMarsha Hudnall
#fodmapchat A4 So at the end of the day, there is some SMALL evidence for SOME IBS ppl going GF, but NCGS is complex & not well understoodJess Biesiekierski
#fodmapchat A5 Tofu = safe; Soy sauce = safeJess Biesiekierski
#fodmapchat A5 Soy milk can contain GOS, especially if first ingredient is “whole soy bean”, conversely “soy bean extract” is much lowerJess Biesiekierski
soy sauce even with gluten in it? RT @jessbersa: #fodmapchat A5 Tofu = safe; Soy sauce = safe #fodmapchatKristine Laing, RD
@KristineLaing #fodmapchat A5 Yes – Gluten is not a fodmap, large amounts of fructans (found in wheat) areJess Biesiekierski
What is the best sources of protein other than red meat and besides fish/chicken on a #fodmap diet? #fodmapchatDiane Bruno
@toridrew #fodmapchat Tips for label reading – hidden onion and garlic "salts, powders" etc are most common red flagsJess Biesiekierski
Q6 are nuts okay on low #FODMAP diet? #FODMAPchatKate Scarlata, RD
@jessbersa As far as spices go, I’ve seen conflicting information regarding ginger, any thoughts? #fodmapchatStephanie Torres
@JourneywithGP #fodmapchat Ginger is low FODMAPJess Biesiekierski
@mom2nic #fodmapchat Low FODMAP protein = eggs, quinoa, buckwheat, matured cheese, most nuts, seeds, seaweed, small serve canned legumesJess Biesiekierski
Pistachios and cashews need to be watched. These contain GOS. Other nuts contain trace amounts and are ok in small amounts #fodmapchatDr Jaci Barrett
Q7 what ingredients in probiotics contain #fodmaps? #FODMAPchatKate Scarlata, RD
@FODMAPS_Cafe #fodmapchat Ordering or buying GF ensures you are eating fructan free, but does not concern any other FODMAPJess Biesiekierski
Q8 Any basics on how to re-challenge #fodmaps? #fodmapchatKate Scarlata, RD
#fodmapchat you can "rechallenge" or "test tolerance"Dr Jaci Barrett
#fodmapchat A8 Remember each person has their own tolerance level for each FODMAP sugarJess Biesiekierski
A8 Remember when starting to re-challenge- choose food that contains only that fodmap that you are re-challenging.#fodmapchatKate Scarlata, RD
#fodmapchat "rechallenge" = formal reintroduction of foods high in a particular fodmap in moderate amounts over 3 consecutive daysDr Jaci Barrett
#fodmapchat I was told that psyllium husks were good if you had stomach cramps, bloating etc. Is this true for someone on #fodmaps?Leanne Shelton
#fodmapchat "test tolerance" = used when you know a fodmap is an issue but want to know if you can get away with small amounts.Dr Jaci Barrett
#fodmapchat "test tolerance" vs "rechallenge" depends on what the person wants to find out. Can they eat it at all or can they occasionally?Dr Jaci Barrett
#fodmapchat In rechallenging be careful of using foods that contain more than 1 FOdmap eg apples containing sorbitol and fructoseDr Jaci Barrett
Q9 Are all spelt products low in FODMAP? #fodmapchatKate Scarlata, RD
#fodmapchat A9 Some spelt bread recipes will have wheat and rye flours mixed inJess Biesiekierski
#fodmapchat A9 Spelt flours can vary in their fructan content depending on cross-breeding with wheat, drought conditions etcJess Biesiekierski
#fodmapchat A9 Have tested lots of spelt breads – suggest to try find a 100% spelt flour bread with minimal other ingredients & try it outJess Biesiekierski

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