Looking for Low FODMAP Breakfast Inspo? Here you go!

Today’s post is just a quick post to provide some low FODMAP diet breakfast inspiration. There is no need for boring breakfasts while on the elimination phase of the Low FODMAP diet.

Always try to incorporate most if not all food groups at every meal –during breakfast add veggies in omelettes, in smoothie bowls or smoothies, or in a tofu scramble. I add 1/4 cup pumpkin puree + cinnamon to my egg mixture to make French toast (with suitable bread). Try it you’ll like it!  Fruits can be added on oatmeal or over suitable peanut butter or sunflower seed butter topped toast!

Remember, adequate protein in the morning will keep you full–nut butters, firm tofu, lactose free Greek yogurt, and eggs are some great low FODMAP protein-rich options!

I am a big fan of nuts and seeds for the crunch, flavor, boost of healthy fats, fiber, and magnesium, an important mineral that most Americans fall short on!

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One reply on “Looking for Low FODMAP Breakfast Inspo? Here you go!

  • Connie Waugh

    I am new to this type of diet. Would appreciate recipes. I do agree with most of the ladies, however, I don’t feel it’s necessary to fill the boxes with what I call gimmick items.
    The box you speak of does not contain meals, is this correct? I
    Thank you for this site.

    Connie Waugh

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