Quick + Easy Low FODMAP Chicken Piccata

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Hello Friends!

Once again, I just wanted to share my recent recipe post that I shared on my instagram account

Lemon-y Chicken Piccata–made easy and Low FODMAP.

I love the light flavors in this savory dish! Russ and I went to a local farmer’s market in Bethesda last Sunday and found a delicious gluten free (made with low FODMAP ingredients) fresh linguine. And it made the perfect quick fix base for this dish. A couple other quick fix low FODMAP options to consider to pair with this chicken piccata would be frozen cooked brown rice or frozen cooked quinoa (both microwaveable for quick prep)–both available at Trader Joes.

I am all about easy cooking. I love to cook –but when the recipes take too much of my brain power…it becomes more work than a joyful experience. So…here’s my quick, easy and delicious Chicken Piccata recipe for you and yours!




3 replies on “Quick + Easy Low FODMAP Chicken Piccata

  • Julie

    I made this recipe exactly as written, and it was delicious!! Picatta has long been a personal favorite. Thanks very much.

  • suettle

    I made this tonight and it was a family hit! I doubled the recipe so we’ll have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. For a vegetable I added fresh chopped spinach to the skillet when I returned the chicken and simmered about 5 mins. Served over red lentil spaghetti.
    Thank you for so many delicious recipes. Since we started eating a low FODMAP diet, my wife said it’s like a weight has lifted from her stomach. She can’t believe what a difference it makes and having tasty meals helped ease the transition. Cooking for our family is a challenge because some are a bit picky, some need low FODMAP/low sodium/low carb! A nutritionist recommended your blog and I’m so glad she did!

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