Sweet Potato Bread with Dark Chocolate Chips

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You’ll love this filling bread made with nourishing sweet potato, banana, oats and almond butter. I added just enough of these nutrient dense ingredients to meet your low FODMAP diet needs.

To prep in advance, roast up 2 medium sweet potatoes the night before. This bread has no added refined sugar or refined flour in the bread itself. NOTE: the chocolate chips do have sugar, of course! I pulsed rolled oats in my blender for the flour. The final product is a dense loaf of bread that is fiber and nutrient rich, tasty and filling.  It probably freezes well too…but we ate it too quickly to find out! 🙂

This bread is full of polyphenols and fiber–great for gut health!

In other news, “spring is finally springing” in Massachusetts. It has been a loooooong winter…and I am so happy to feel a little warmth and see the flowers blooming. It feels like a rebirth. 🙂  I hope you are enjoying some warm weather too. We’ll be opening up our cottage in Maine soon which always makes me happy.  To me, there is nothing quite like Maine in the summertime.

This Sunday, Russ and I ran the Massachusetts Ave. Bridge from Boston to Cambridge and around the esplanade in a 4 mile loop. We haven’t been running much so it felt good to leg it out a little. We walked around the Public Garden–the Swan Boats were up and running. Love that! I shared our little adventures on my Instagram story.  Boston is such a great city…especially in the springtime!

In other news… the IBelieveinyourStory campaign continues to raise money for IBS research. Please consider making a donation…any amount is needed.  Donate here.

Last Friday, my colleague Toni Fiori and I did our first Facebook Live. We have 1.4 K views of our first attempt at this platform…which makes me happy.  You can see our video on my Facebook page (if you use this platform). The topic for this first FB live, “What you might not know about the low FODMAP diet.”  We will to do another Facebook Live this Friday, April 27th at 12 Noon EST. Topic to be announced…but we are thinking about talking about the role of mast cells and IBS symptoms.

Do you listen to FB live? If so, what topics would you like us to talk about?

16 replies on “Sweet Potato Bread with Dark Chocolate Chips

  • Denise

    Hi Kate, liked the FB video last week. Would love to hear more about “stacking ” FODMAP foods. There’s so many great fruits now, and it’s hard to calculate how much of each I can have.
    Denise H

  • Jerilyn

    Hi…Does this great looking bread have any baking soda or baking powder in the recipe? I’m just making sure there are no rising agents, thanks.

    • katescarlata

      This is a great question, Jane! I would love you to try and let me know! 🙂 I might try it tomorrow with “flax eggs” as I have 2 students in my class that follow a vegan diet–to see if it works! If I do, I will keep you posted!


  • Emily

    Hi Kate,

    I watched your Facebook live, but not while it was in progress. I was working at the time. Can you talk about weight management and exercise when dealing with IBS? I am a really active person going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and was before my IBS became a problem. I don’t deal with the need to bolt to the bathroom, just discomfort, bloating, etc and exercising doesn’t induce the need to go to the bathroom. Can you talk about how to manage your weight when you have to cut out certain food groups? I can’t digest wheat anymore. Sometimes I can have one slice of white bread, but no more. I feel terrible eating Gluten Free bread because there is so little nutritive value and it’s all starches, it also doesn’t keep me full, like whole grain bread would. I just don’t always feel like I eat balanced and as a exercising/fit person I feel like a whale. Also, I have been testing some foods, so I don’t always want to slam a medicine ball or lift weights. I did express these issues to my trainer. He suggested seeking out more pure protein sources which will help my muscles and also keep me full longer.

    I know for some IBS patients this might not be a problem, but I’m sure there are others out there that would like to maintain much of their normal routine and I know exercising helps your bowels function.

    • Kate Scarlata

      Perhaps try a larger loaf pan. It is a moist bread but should not be gooey. Is it possible you did not ROAST/bake the sweet potatoes? If you used canned sweet potato or microwaved sweet potato that would alter the consistency.

  • Michelle

    I would love to try this bread, but my SIBO has lead to leaky gut and autoimmune disease, which means I’m now very sensitive to gluten (oats), eggs and milk protein, even if it’s lactose free. Can this recipe be made with gelatin instead of the eggs? Coconut or tapioca flour instead of the oats, and coconut milk?

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