Living with Intention for a Happy & Healthy Life

Hello Friends!

To keep things light this week before Christmas, I will refrain from my detailed science posts (but they are coming!) and focus on some general tips we all can benefit from in our journey of living a healthy and fun life.

Some of us are better than others are at prioritizing our self care and self health needs. It’s easy to get caught up in the nuances of living life as a human.  And live a life focused on simply, “getting stuff done”.

There is always work to be done, right? But at the end of the day, and I think we will all agree on this, we should make an effort to find time to live a happy and healthy life. Of course, we all define what constitutes healthy and happy a bit differently…and that’s okay!

So…how can you live your life with a bit more intention and feel better, maybe happier and love life a bit more?

Start each day with a few questions:

What will I do today that will make be happy?  First, create a list of what makes you happy. Is it listing to Ed Sheeran? Taking your dog for walk? Getting your nails done? Reading a book?

What can I add to my routine today to feel more healthy? How do you define healthy? For me, it’s eating nourishing foods like oats, fruits and nuts or a yummy smoothie bowl. Exercising, of course, makes my body and soul feel well. What makes you feel healthy?

When will I add a bit of relaxation into my day? How do you relax? For me, a long warm bath guarantees some good relaxation.  Stretching in the living room with my dog, Lucy while she licks my face is another way I add some downtime (and silliness) to my hectic routine.

What can you do today that is part of your value system? A big part of who I am as a person, is that I am a helper.  I try to do at least one thing every day to help someone in need. It might simply be a phone call to a friend or a follow up email to a client to tell them I am thinking of them. Feeling like your life has a purpose beyond yourself is a good way to live your life with a positive intention.

In other news…today, I am featured on This Unmillennial Life Podcast, talking about my favorite topic, poop! Check it out here!

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4 replies on “Living with Intention for a Happy & Healthy Life

  • Deb V

    Kate, I don’t comment enough about how helpful your blog is to me! You just seem to know when we need a mental pick-up! Part of the stress of the holidays for me is working so hard to avoid all those yummy foods that I know are SO not worth it, knowing that if I indulge, I will be cancelling other plans with people I want to see. I appreciate both the scientific and emotional support you so lovingly provide to all of us here. Merry and Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  • AmyCG

    I would like to echo what Deb said! Thank you, Kate! I enjoy every single one of your posts – the scientific, the emotionally supportive and the recipes. Although I still have to plan my life around my tummy, your guidance and support on this blog have made it so much easier. Thank you for helping all of us with IBS or other tummy issues to navigate the Low FODMAP diet and live our best life possible. (((HUGS)))

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