Tips to Manage Stress during the Holiday Madness

Hello FODMAPer and Friends!

I hope that you are all gearing up for a nice holiday season! The holidays can be a joyous but stressful time. Today’s post provides a few tips to help you keep your stress in check.

Remember to nourish your body AND your soul during this busy but festive season.


Innately, I am a busy person.  I love taking on a lot in both my work and personal life. Usually, this way of living works for me. But, sometimes, if I add just one extra thing to my plate, I get off kilter and the stress finds its way to my door. I have learned that exercise, especially walking my dog, Lucy, is a great de-stressor. But, sometimes, I just need that quick fix to remind me to chill out and take care of myself! Here are a few simple ways that I remind myself to take it down a notch. Maybe you could use these tips too!

I love coffee mugs with inspirational words of the day.  I love my ‘Nourish’ mug. What is more important that nourishing your body and soul?  The word nourish reminds me to slow down and consume foods that bring my taste buds joy and keep my body calm.  I use my nourish mug for my morning coffee and often for my evening bowl of cereal, when I need a little after dinner snack.  I found my Nourish mug, here. Sometimes, you can find similar ones at Home Goods! 🙂

Every night, I spritz this Los Poblanos lavender mist on my pillow.  Lavender provides such a  wonderful  & relaxing scent.  (My husband, Russ loves it too.) Shop Los Poblanos lavender mist here.

I am a fan of lighting candles to help chill me out a bit. The flickering light and welcoming scent, reminds me it is time to relax.   This Pink Olive Fig and Rosemary soy candle provides a lovely aroma and doesn’t break the bank. If you are local to Franklin, Massachusetts, you can find these candles at Fiori Forals or order online at Pink Olive, here.

Getting back into student mode and working on my Master’s of Public Health degree, has added a little stress (and pride) back into my week. I am so happy to be back in the academic setting, but needless to say, 6 exams to finish has added a little extra stress the past few months.  I use my “Get your Sh*t together pencils”, to remind me, “You got this, Girl” !! We have sold a ton of these fun pencils at my site, shop here.  They crack me up.

Other great options for de-stressing:

  • Manicure or pedicure
  • Meditate: Free guided meditations here. 
  • A walk in the park
  • Massage
  • Call a friend
  • Take a bath
  • Read a book
  • Bake something fun! I have always enjoyed baking and creating something yummy to give to my friends during the holidays is a great de-stressor for me.
  • Get crafty! Creating something homemade is my best form of therapy! This year, I created some super easy DIY flavored salt blends. These are simple to put together and make wonderful gifts. Need inspiration, check out this site here.
  • Try a Sound machine–I put on the sound of the ocean and in my mind, with a little mental imagery, bring myself back to warm weather and the beach.  I used this a lot when my kids were munchkins and truly needed a break in the chaos! 🙂

Wishing you all a stress-free and wonderful holiday!

3 replies on “Tips to Manage Stress during the Holiday Madness

  • Paula

    Wow, one stop shopping, I get great guidance on what to eat AND ideas on how not to get stressed about it. After I read this newsletter, I relaxed on the couch listening to ocean music on YouTube. Really relaxing! I’m also a member of a place called the healing garden. I just e-mailed them and signed up for yoga on Thursday, with a massage after! But wait there’s more; they are having a workshop in January on Eatting with self compassion. This is what I’m talking about for Christmas presents…Happy Holidays to all!

    • katescarlata

      Great to hear from you, Cindy. Glad it provided some inspiration to slow down and breath in life a little. We are all too busy these days–it truly is up to us to recognize ‘busy’ is unhealthy when it gets in the way of taking care of ourselves. Happy Holidays.

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