My Nutrition Health Low FODMAP Website Launches

Hello FODMAPers and friends,

Today is a quick post to let you know about an excellent resource on the low FODMAP diet that was just launched yesterday!  This is an animated site that reviews the low FODMAP diet in great detail including: how FODMAPs can contribute to symptoms, diet guidelines, label reading tips, and much more. The site was created by a big team of smart people including gastroenterologists, dietitians and tech gurus at University of Michigan (including Dr. William Chey) and Cedars Sinai. I was lucky to help with this project as well.

The site covers many important FODMAP topics–all of which are animated. The series of fun and educational videos will be great resource for FODMAPers as well as dietitians that implement the diet with their patients.

The site is  Hope you find it enjoyable and useful!

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