Best Ever Low FODMAP & Gluten Free Corn Muffin

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Hello Friends! I have a yummy corn muffin recipe to share with you today! corn muffinsMmmmmm…..

In fact, I enjoyed a nice muffin with a little butter and some raspberry jam this morning. Perfect…especially warm from the oven with the butter melted and the sweet jam warmed up.

I usually post on Tuesdays….but this week, I decided while my husband was on business travel that I would paint my dining room. Yikes…it was exhausting!!  Lucy (my cute but crazy chocolate lab) decided to ‘help’ and stepped on the paint roller and proceeded to leave paint paw prints all over my kitchen tiles and wooden floor. I was chasing her around with paper towels and cleaning spray!  Why do these projects always seem so much easier on paper!?? Ha! 🙂

Of course, now that my dining room is painted, I am not really loving the curtains, the hutch ….or the rug in my dining room anymore!! So…I will be combing through the local stores trying to find some bargains to spruce up my newly painted room! Don’t you love how one small project…always turns into a much bigger project than you set out to do? 😉

In between painting, I did play a bit in the kitchen trying to make the perfect low FODMAP and gluten free corn muffin to share with you. See yummy recipe below!

In other important news…the holiday straw give-a-way winner is Fran.  Congrats Fran! Hope you enjoy those cute straws as much as I do!


For health professionals following my blog and digestive health info….the FODMAPs, SIBO and Gut Microbiome conference is schedule at District Hall in Boston next February 26, 2016 and registration is NOW open.  Click here to learn more.  District Hall is amazing and I am really looking forward to speaking about my favorite topics. We will have a surprise guest speaker at this conference…more to come on that later!semicon

We truly need more health professionals interested and adept at working with patients with functional gut disorders, such as IBS!  This area of healthcare and science is changing rapidly with advances in the research, particularly in the area of the low FODMAP diet and food intolerances, in general. Gaining an understanding of how and where microbes exist in the gut and their potential role in symptom exacerbation is evolving and I look forward to sharing the latest research on this topic.





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