Popchips give-a-way!

Good news! I have another give-a-way today!! 🙂

One of my favorite salty snacks are popchips! Have you tried them? I can seriously wolf down the whole bag in one sitting. Seriously.  {Don’t tell anybody!}popchips Sea Salt Potato

When popchips reached out and asked if I wanted to share my love of popchips with my blog followers…I did not hesitate saying, YES!!

But let me give you a little background…on popchips.

I truly love the Sea Salt popchips for a few reasons.  They appear to fit the low FODMAP guidelines (but like other brand name foods have not yet been tested). They have less fat and calories than most chips.  They are super tasty!  And, I really can eat the whole bag and my tummy is okay with that! I try not too…but sometimes I can’t help myself.  What I like about popchips:

  • no fake colors
  • no fake flavors
  • no fluorescent orange fingertips
  • no cholesterol or trans fat
  • gluten free

For this give-a-way, I want to share the love with my friend, Zlata and fellow FODMAPer who is also doing a popchips give-a-way! Zlata has some amazing low FODMAP recipes on her site too! She has been a huge advocate of my work…and I so appreciate that! Since sharing is caring, here is how Zlata and I are working the give-a-way together, for a chance to win: 

  •  You must follow @katescarlata and @lifeandthymez on Instagram (I post a lot! Many low FODMAP tips & pretty pics.)
  • Tag a friend in the Instagram post that you’d want to share some popchip love with and maybe tell us why you need the popchips!  And you and your friend will be entered for a chance to win 3 bags of the Sea Salt Popchips!

  That’s it! If you meet those two criteria, you’ll be entered to win!

 Note: there will be a winner and their tagged friend chosen by me and a winner & tagged friend chosen by Zlata, so there will be FOUR lucky winners!



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