Low FODMAP Irish Bread Muffins

‘Tis the season! In just two days, it is the day of the leprechaun, St. Patrick’s Day! I have always loved to make a nice loaf of Irish bread this time of year.  Pure comfort food.  This year, I stumbled on King Arthur’s Gluten free Irish bread muffins which become low FODMAP with a few simple tweaks.mini Irish bread Today is a BIG day for me…It’s my blog’s 4th birthday! I set out to do a blog about living a well-balanced life.  It soon became clear that my blog followers wanted information about FODMAPs.  You spoke…I listened.  And here we are.  The low FODMAP has so many nuances—it’s so nice to have an easy forum to share what I learn. In honor of my blog’s birthday…I do want to do a give-a-way….because birthdays are about giving, right?! I will be giving away another FODMAPer tote!  For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on future topics you would like me to cover on the blog.

But back to the recipe at hand.  King Arthur makes a terrific multi-purpose gluten free flour blend that is suitable for FODMAPers.  They also have numerous gluten free recipes on their site.  Here is the recipe for the gluten free Irish Soda Bread made in a muffin tin.  NOTE the following recipe adaptions:  I used Green Valley lactose free sour cream.  And reduced the raisins to 1 cup, loosely packed to keep to Monash’s raisin 1 tablespoon FODMAP limit. I omitted caraway seeds—because I am not a fan and have no idea about FODMAP content.Irish muffin bread in basketI will be jetting off to Augusta, Georgia to talk about FODMAPs to another group of inquiring dietitians this Tuesday.  I am actually providing 2 talks while I am there….the second one is about gut bacteria and how alterations are linked with various health conditions. After Georgia, I am heading to NYC for a family wedding.  No question about it,  I have a full life! I hope you are all enjoying a little relaxing time this weekend!

And Michelle is the winner of the Balanced Box! Michelle you have been notified via the email you used to provide your comment on the blog!





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  • Patsy

    I really hope that you start to include calories. I love the Fodmap diet and the way I am feeling but I would like to go to the next step and lose my belly fat. Thanks for your blog!

  • Linda Cohen

    I am still new to FODMAP. It would be nice to know all these Monash limits. Is there a minimum amount of apple sauce that would be allowable? What is the daily limit on chocolate? Is there a limit for Carob powder? Maybe you could write sometime about these limited amounts that are allowed. Have a good trip and enjoy your travels. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. It is very helpful.

      • Wendy

        Kate, I cannot purchase the Monash app because I do not have a smart phone or any other device on which an app would work. I really rely on your website for knowing what the limits are, and all things fodmap related! Surely I’m not the only troglodyte in the world who doesn’t have access to the app. Wendy

      • Trish

        Sadly, Wendy, there are fewer reputable resources online, as many people now have access to apps. I do not have a device, so rely on online and book resources. Here are a few suggestions: firstly, Kate’s basics page https://blog.katescarlata.com/fodmaps-basics/

        This is a small booklet, small enough for me to take shopping, and I think it can be purchased from overseas (I’m in Australia)
        The Monash University Low FODMAP Diet booklet

        Then, search online and see what you can find that is useful to you, e.g. onlinehttp://www.healthyfoodguide.com.au/articles/2011/september/food-fodmaps-and-ibs-what-to-eat-and-what-to-avoid

      • Trish

        p.s. check first to see that any book or booklet contains what you want. My copy of the Monash booklet contains a food list; apparently the newer one might not.

  • denise hart

    Thanks for the muffin recipe.I’m really missing some of these treats. Enjoy GA and the wedding. BTW, I find it difficult staying in hotels and minding my diet, especially at conferences where there is very little accommodation. I’ve made special requests, but folks who don’t know about FODMAP foods don’t realize that the wrong seasoning can send my tummy into a tizzy!

  • Whitney Stewart

    Thanks, Kate. I, too, would love a treat like soda biscuits from time to time, though I am amazed at how my craving for them has gone down after two years on the low FODMAP diet. I eat a lentil flour chip, which I think you suggested, which suits as my substitute for a carb (with a bit of protein).

    I’d like to read your talk on gut bacteria and different health conditions. I have learned that my gut flora imbalance comes from Primary Immune Deficiency. I had no idea I had this condition until I was hospitalized with abdominal pain from small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). I credit your blog and two others for helping me ask the right questions of my doctors. The diagnosis took years. Then the doctors were not well informed on dietary guidelines for healthy living. But, your blog has so much information and dietary guidelines.
    Thanks so much for helping us live on healthy and delicious food despite the limitations.

  • Chantel

    I am new to fodmaps. The thing that I find hard is dealing with eating foods differently than other people and always being on guard of food choices. I’d like to hear more success stories and how other people handle the stress of sticking so closely to this diet.

    • Whitney Stewart

      Chantel, the change takes a while for you and for others around you. I find that being honest and direct with friends and family helps. I say that I am on a medical diet, and they realize I am not making a comment on how anyone else eats or cooks. Some new friends invited my husband and me to dinner. I explained to the hosts that I am hard to cook for, so I offered to bring a rice pilaf with vegetables and salad. They added that to their fish dish and dessert, and the food was never an issue after that. We simply enjoyed the company.
      When we go out to dinner, I try to pick a restaurant that has at least one option for me. I eat lightly beforehand if I see only a vegetable side dish on the menu. And when I travel, I pack loads of low Fodmap healthy snacks and GF staples. Or, I find a healthfood store right after I land and stock up on small foods to sustain me through conferences and hotel meals.

  • Lauren m

    I would love to hear more about low fodmap, in conjunction with low carb/low sugar. I have followed your blog and used your resources so much in the last few years, it has changed my life.

  • Mary Sosinski

    Happy Birthday to your blog! I’m so happy that you share your knowledge so generously with us. I would love successful ideas on eating at restaurants. Rather than turn down invitations to meet, I’ve resorted to eating before I go and just having tea. I try to get baked potatoes but they’re not always available. I was once told that they serve them after 4 on Mondays and it was Wednesday. Veggies aren’t always an option because I’m following a low fiber diet and have found that a lot of restaurants add garlic to green beans. If it’s a higher end restaurant, I call ahead and ask if they can grill a piece of plain chicken. I appreciate your advice:)

  • Lorna Wooldridge

    I’m also new to the FODMAP diet. I wish I had had this information when I was very ill with UC over twenty years ago. I have had an ileostomy since 1991. I’ve been gluten free for five years, but have been experiencing some issues again since the fall, which is why I’m looking at the FODMAP diet. Could you talk about the FODMAP diet in relation to living without a colon? Also perhaps you could talk about how it can possibly help other digestive issues such as GERD and those that live with a hiatal hernia?

  • Rhiannon

    Hi Kate-

    Thanks for the recipe for the Irish Bread Muffins.

    With regard to your query about what I would like to see you include in your future topics on the blog–

    Use of something other than oats in your gluten free recipes, for those of us who are Celiacs plus unable to tolerate oats….quinoa flakes?…;

    Use of something other than lactose free milk products, for those of us who are not just lactose intolerant but must avoid dairy, altogether;

    Suggestions for avoiding guar gum and similar FODMAPs used in non-dairy-alternatives like coconut milk, etc.


  • Sharon Williams

    Hi Kate: Happy birthday to your blog. I am very grateful to have found it. I would like to know about food additives and what ones to watch out for. This diet is very hard to learn all the ins and outs. I got the Monash app as you suggested and am finding it very helpful, although limited in its scope. I hadn’t realized about the food limits on it, but now I do so am able to be more careful to not eat the green light foods to abandon! More recipies would also be really helpful. Everything I have made from you collection on this blog has been super, thank you! Also, please continue to name ready made products that are good to purchase when cooking isn’t an option.

  • Sue Burgio

    Thank you for all the invaluable info. A friend turned me on to the Low FODMAPs way of eating and it improved my whole digestive health virtually overnight! I enjoy hearing about Entertaining/Party recipes and Quick Prep Dishes.

  • Patti Schultz

    I love your recipes, but I must adapt them because I am fighting a candida infection as well as IBS. I would love to see a blog on the connection of candida,IBS, and sibo…all require diet restrictions and I am losing too much weight trying to juggle all three. I also live in a small town and am 5 hours from a fodmap dietitian and informed Dr…I am forced to navigate this alone.

  • Angela L

    Eating this way is totally amazing and having done so for 3 months. I am amazed how I have no more tummy troubles that I have put up with for 40 years.All I had been offered over the years were medical investigations ,tablets or the label IBS.
    More food travelling ideas would be great

  • Mary C

    Also hoping for low cal recipes. Looking fir ways to increase fruit and veggie intake without incident. Currently so limited that I get frustrated and eat the ‘convenient’ foods.

  • katy

    The muffins sound interesting. Looking forward to giving them a try. I have been on the low fodmap diet for 17 months and I have not had the immediate relief others have gotten. Things improved for awhile, but I have been back on anti-spazmotics for several weeks now. It is so sad and depressing. What do others do when the relief is not there? I have figured out some things that cause pain and I avoid them, but I cannot get to a good place and stay there.

  • Kirsten

    Happy st Patrick’s day! I have loved all of you’re recipes that Ive tried so far! I know you have the on the go boxes but I’d love a blog post about what’s in them along with other snack food choices! I’m a huge snacker! I’m trying my best to stick to the diet but when I’m hungry, im hungry at that moment and find myself reaching for none fodmaps foods because I don’t have a good grasp on no/low prep fodmaps snacks!

  • abbe

    Kate, your blog is a wonderful resource that is so helpful. Thank you.

    As I read through everyone’s interesting comments, I am curious to know if the intention is to adhere to the FODMAP diet “forever”. I was told it was to be used for a 6-8 week period and then start reintroducing foods. I assume that like me, you all realize what foods trigger your symptoms and then avoid them..?

  • Trish

    Thanks again for your blog. Always interesting reading. I just travelled to the cost for a few days and managed to eat reasonably well, FODMAP wise. I found a Vietnamese restaurant the most helpful for things like chicken and prawn omelette, or rice paper rolls. I can’t take the heat of chili peppers, but they are willing to make me a mild dipping sauce. No IBS on the trip, which was great. For new FODMAPers, I would say; I don’t have a smartphone, can’t get an app. But over the past year I have read and re-read the Monash info, Sue Shepherd’s books and website, and this blog. Every now and then I find something I’ve missed, like being able to eat raisins/sultanas in small quantities. A little treat! Like Whitney, I am now interested in hearing more about gut bacteria.

  • Mary Ann

    Happy birthday to your blog! Please keep up your efforts to spread the word and educate us all on the benefits of discovering and living with the FODMAP way of life. There is an article on In the April issue of the Dr. Oz magazine on “Your Complete Guide to Going No. 2”. I didn’t see any reference to FODMAP as a way to address issues. I am very fortunate to have my medical doctor. He is the one who steered me toward FODMAP and your blog has been amazing for continued support.

    I travel all the time for work. Your portable snacks are great. I would like to see an article to help with eating out. I get so tired of chicken in a salad as a safe meal.

  • Anne Burnham

    I like to read yoru blogs when they talk about the science behind our bodies reactions to things. But its nice to balance it with some recipes although I am rarely as interested in that.
    Maybe some more tips on how to adapt recipes. I tried to make an oat bread today using oatmeal as the recipe suggests and oat flour to substitute for the regular wheat flour. I dont know if I killed my yeast or whether the oat flour is not a good substitute. The bread turned out really dense and didnt rise much. Any suggestions re using oat flour? I DO have a good gluten free flour blend but its not so great for bread. I thought the oat flour might have more bonding power.
    And also took a multivitamin today and felt yucky for about three hours afterwards. MY stomach muscles just seemed to tighten up and I had a wierd fuzzy headache. I looked it up and saw that upset stomach and headache can be side effects of vitamins.
    I am wondering if you have any suggestions about easily tolerated vitamins for IBS people.
    I dont like taking pills of any kind but I sometimes wonder if being on this altered diet is limiting my intake of certain vitamins or other micro-nutrients. Which ones do you worry about with people on the low FODMAP diet?
    And can you talk more about your thoughts that people will get off their low FODMAP diet someday. I dont see any signs of getting off it yet.
    I am still trying to figure out what I can have and what causes problems. It varies from time to time I think or is it that I have inadvertantly eaten something with garlic powder in it. or some reactions come later on and are not so immediate??

    and Speaking of garlic – when a product like canned tomatoes says it contains spices – is garlic or onion powder allowed to be listed as a non descript spice?

    Wow I didnt know I had all that to say but I will close with the fact that I find your blog informative and comforting as well. Its nice to know someone out there is keeping us company as we learn about our diets and our health! thanks Kate for your blog – Happy 4th birthday!

  • Lisa

    Happy St. Patty’s Day! Thanks again for another delicious recipe! I made these last night and they are delish! Of course they were best right out of the oven! I would love to see you discuss some simplified meals that incorporate protein and fiber that are low FODMap, gluten free, dairy free and egg free. I find it hard to make sure I am eating enough protein since I can’t eat eggs directly (they bother my stomach) as well as fiber (but too much at once because then I bloat!). Thank you again for all your useful information!

  • Gena

    Hello Ms. Kate! I just found your blog through the Yahoo posting about FODMAP. How long has this diet been around? My husband took to the gluten free and seed/nut free diet a few years ago due to diverticulitis. I am now in search of something for my constipation issue which worsened after having given child birth. I know I should increase my physical activity from moderate walks at work to light jogging, but my lower back is in constant pain. This is why I am looking to address the food in my diet and find out what will assist me and what is causing my issues. From the little I just read about FODMAP it looks like a good “foodmap” to follow. By the way, I love muffins! Thank-you! Would you share a yummy gluten-free chocolate chip cookie? Hubby has bought the GF prepackaged kind to bake, but homemade is always better and less expensive. I will search online for a good FODMAP cookbook.

    • katescarlata

      Hello Ms. Gena! Glad you stopped by the blog! It might be a good idea to discuss w/ your GI doctor the possibility of doing a work up for pelvic floor dysfunction–especially if your constipation was exacerbated after childbirth. Muscles and nerves can experience trauma from the child birth–and this can lead to issues w/ constipation for some. Typical treatment is pelvic floor physical therapy–which can be quite helpful! There are some cookie recipes–search under the FODMAP recipe tab!

  • Michelle

    I am so excited to win the sample Balanced Box for my son!! Thank you so much! (Hopefully you received my e-mail back with mailing info.).
    Thanks so much for this recipe!! Finally I can make an Irish soda bread that my son can have!!!! He is so excited to share this with our Irish family! Your blog helps us so much!
    As for ideas for upcoming posts…I also would love to read more about guar gum/xantham gum/carob bean etc. As possible gut irritants.
    I am also really looking for ideas on how to encourage children on this diet to eat their greens. While its easy to use gluten free bread, I need ideas on getting whole food fibers in the diet for nutritional punch.
    Thanks again for all you do!

  • Katie

    Hi Kate! I truly appreciate your expertise on FODMAPs. I’m so glad to be digging into your blog tonight, too. While St. Patrick’s Day is nearly over I’ll be making this recipe as soon as I can get to Whole Foods for the lactose free sour cream. This year St. Paddy’s Day felt so different without a Guinness, corned beef and soda bread. Oh well, this healing journey is worth all the sacrifices.
    Thanks again,

    • katescarlata

      Glad you stopped by my blog, Katie. If it makes you feel any better–I am FODMAP sensitive–and Guinness is my favorite–and most tolerated beers. So…one step at a time–you will identify what you can and can not handle.

  • Kristi

    hi, new to Fodmaps, will be starting elimination faze next week, so looking for recipes, I can’t have soy either, so first question are caraway seeds allowed on the elimination part? and is best foods canola oil allowed as well.
    thanks for all the great info here, will make this much easier

    • katescarlata

      Hi Kristi! Not sure about caraway seeds–have not seen data on them. And vegetable oils should be okay–as they are not a source of carbs–FODMAPs are carbohydrates.

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