Toast Toppings!

I don’t know about you but I love toast.

And sometimes I like to get a little fancy with it too? 4 toastsWhat’s your favorite toast topper?  This week I created a few different toast topping combos.  MY toast topping started with toasted Deland Bakery’s Oatmeal bread.  Talk about simple ingredients… Deland Bakery has got that covered: oatmeal flour, filtered water, sea salt and baking powder. It is not gluten free but it appears low FODMAP.   Tolerance to oats can vary–so certainly feel free to sub in your favorite bread option or try your tolerance to just one slice.

I always try to add a little produce to every meal, some protein too, and then maybe a little unexpected ingredient. Here’s a few of my toast topper combos that I came up with…

Toast topper #1:  Carrot Cake: Shredded carrots, vanilla infused lactose free cream cheese (I use Green Valley Lactose free Cream cheese and add a drizzle of little vanilla extract….easy peasy), chopped walnuts and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. Did you know per Monash University low FODMAP app, carrots do not have any FODMAPs?carrot cake toastToast topper #2: Veggie and cheese: Red pepper, cilantro, lemon zest, crushed red pepper and a little ground pepper too, and a scoop of lactose free cottage cheese! (I used Lactaid brand lactose free cottage cheese) Mmmm!

red pepper and cilantroToast topper #3:  Egg, peppered ham, Dijon and shredded cheddar (a little butter might make it even better!)ham and egg toastTopper #4: Peanut butter, sliced bananas (limit to 1/3 ripe banana to stick w/ low FODMAP limit), sprinkle of pepitas (hulled pumpkin seeds) and chia seeds. Oh… and a little drizzle of pure maple syrup.banana toastI hope my toast topper ideas inspire you to step up your toast game! Ha! 🙂

This post was updated on November 15, 2017 to keep up to date with low FODMAP diet guidelines.

My Way Better Snack Chip and Sprouting post stirred up some fun comments and many of you wanted the chips! But, I had to select only one winner and the randomly selected winner was: Lisa H. and Lisa has been notified by email.

Don’t worry….I will be doing another give-a-way very very soon!

10 replies on “Toast Toppings!

  • Diane G

    I’ve never seen Deland’s Bread. It sounds great! I’d like to know where to get it also! Can you get it on the internet? Hmmmm… Maybe I’ll try that.

    • katescarlata

      Whole Foods carries Deland Bakery oatmeal bread in their freezer. Would call ahead to be sure!! You should inquire directly with the company too who likely will sell online.

  • Joan Morris

    Hi I love your ideas for toast toppers In Australia we have vegemite and that spread on toast and topped with fresh tomato and cheese is really nice

  • Angela L

    I love home made gluten free lemon curd on toast.I was also wondering where you got your ceramic muffin pans.I live in Australia so would have to order as I have not seen any here.I loved them right away and it would make cooking feel extra special .I love your Blog .Thankyou

  • SavannahGranny

    I just returned from my GI doctor appointment. I have lived with IBS all my life not knowing anyone else was dealing with the same issues. I always thought “that’s just the way mama is!” I saw a prominent GI specialist in our area after two weeks of nonstop symptoms. I left with a plan: Antibotic for my infection brought on by fermented sugars and an introduction to the low-fodmap diet! A low what? I had never heard of such a thing but it certainly answered many questions and concerns. Funny, about hindsight. I went to the web to learn more about this fodmap thingie. Thanking the good Lord I ran across your blog and the seemingly endless information. Thank you for what you do. I am sure I will be visiting often and will probably have many questions. Thanks, Savannah Granny aka Ginger aka Margaret

  • Michelle

    I love your blog and learn so much from you! A low fodmap diet has completely changed my four year old’s life around in such wonderful ways! He tolerates some wheat (homemade, with other low fodmap ingredients). I have one friend who is able to bake for our multi-allergy family, and we are debating on the use of whole wheat versus bread flour for a slice of pizza. I’m thinking whole wheat is better due to less gluten, but what are your thoughts?
    We are doing challenges slowly. If he has IBS, it is best to be primarily gluten free, rather than allowing small amounts of wheat??
    Lastly, I have Candida (delayed) sensitivity according to testing, and high Candida levels, and such cravings. I know you specialize in fodmap, but was wondering if you could point me in any direction reading wise.
    Blessings for all you do. I am so excited to read every new post.

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