Monash Beverage Update

It’s ALWAYS exciting when the Monash University researchers provide updates on food or beverage regarding FODMAP content. Well….if you are like me, today is your lucky day!

But the info conflicts with some of the information I had gathered earlier. (Frustrating!)

That is, I had heard instant coffee and cocoa were on the high FODMAP side–and as you will note–sometimes its all about interpretation of info.  The Monash researchers say some instant coffee is okay (2 teaspoons)–and 3 teaspoons of cocoa is low FODMAP–but that is a fairly small portion.  So…as always with FODMAPs -size matters!

Placed in a traffic system chart the latest on Hot Beverages: coffee, teas and drinking chocolate is provided…Here is the link!  Another important point: Also do pay attention to preparation methods, added milk, and portion size to assess how this information fits into your normal diet or anticipated use of the product.

Well….I made it to Portland, Oregon for the  RD FODMAP workshop!  The last of the West Coast tour!   Oregon is home to many breweries so being a tourist I checked out Hopworks Bike bar.  A very fun place and a yummy beer!brew pub

Tonight…Homeward bound! Looking forward to being with the fam!


12 replies on “Monash Beverage Update

  • Angela

    oooh! does this mean cocoa powder in cakes (chocolate?!) etc is ok in small quantities too? (please say yes!)

  • Marcy

    Thanks for posting what you are learning! I finally had new GI appointment yesterday. She will retest me for SIBO, as previous GI only did hydrogen test. Needs to be Hydrogen and Methane as you know. She also gave me copy of FODMAP food lists.(I’ve already been following the diet). At least this GI is following correct testing and treatment for SIBO. Please share anything you learn about food/drink for us IBS-C casued by SIBO folks. Thanks again!

  • Mike Manning

    Hi Kate!

    I have a quick question about your blog and an Idea I had… do you think you could email me because I can’t seem to find your contact information!


  • Katie

    Question: is it weird that a FODMAP post is talking about being at a brewery. Isn’t beer ranked “horrible” on the list of things that will not be good for your digestive system? Just curious.

    • katescarlata

      Katie–Per Monash research beer is low FODMAP actually. Certainly I would not recommend you guzzle a bunch of beer or any alcohol for that matter! But, if someone wants to enjoy a beer-and it doesn’t bother their belly– occasionally, I say, “Cheers!”. When it comes to digestive health–everyone’s tolerance is individual.

  • Wendy

    The cocoa thrills me. I make a frozen banana “ice cream”…only one ingredient, bananas. Just slice up ripe bananas, freeze, then pulse in food processor until smooth. It’s easy and really good. I never eat more than one banana’s worth at a time.
    I usually add just a touch of cocoa, missed my chocolate, haven’t had any trouble, but always worried I would. Yay! So glad I’m ok on this.
    (berries are good mixed in too, but then I make my portion of banana size smaller, and don’t add cocoa)

    Thank you for the link and the update.

  • Rachel

    Hi Kate,
    I’m a little confused with all of the information on coffee. Can you clarify as to what I can drink? Instant/ground and filtered/ground and made in cafetiere/ espresso?
    I’d really appreciate your help!
    Thank you!

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