Lucy goes on vacation

We took our first official vacation with our crazy but adorable chocolate lab, Lucy!

Really, we planned this week’s vacation all around our dog, Lucy.   lucy swimming

Since she is a water baby, we decided lakeside would be a good venue.  We explored lake houses that were dog-friendly.  I really should say, my 15 year old son Brennan searched high and low for a lake house that would accommodate our family and Lucy.  And he found a great spot for us!

We wanted a private beach so that Lucy could swim whenever she wanted.lucy running

So relaxing…sun

The boys enjoy some kayaking while Lucy enjoys the refreshing lake water.

boys and lucy

We LOVE having our furry brown girl with us.

I just finished reading Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy

This book is about Dr. Paul Farmer, a physician from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (where I did my dietetic internship), the co-founder of Partners in Health, that has worked to bring quality medical care to the poorest of poor in Haiti, and many other countries and cities around the globe that had poor access to proper medicine and treatments. Perhaps we can all made a donation to this cause.

I never seem to find time to read books at home.  I read mostly medical studies, which I really do enjoy, but this vacation, it was nice to get caught up in a this amazing story of a doctor that has truly made a difference in the world. I enjoyed the references of the Brigham and I remember Paul from back in my Brigham days.

It’s a great book if you are looking for a summer read.  A book that will make you think about your own life’s purpose and how you too can make a difference in the life of another.  Margaret Mead’s quote was used in the book and every time I read it, it gives me the chills, “Never underestimated the ability of a small group of committed individuals to change the world.  Indeed, they are the only ones who ever have.”

So…back to relaxing.  I hope you are enjoying your week.