French Macarons

I love the way the French display their wares…food, clothing, even paper products seem to always be displayed with care, pride and attention to detail.  I love that!

Did I mention I just LOVE Paris?!

Under the Eiffel Tower

I especially love the macaron’s at Ladurée.

When I first stepped foot into Ladurée, I felt like a child in the largest candy store on Earth. It’s truly a magical place.   Every macaron beckoned me!

So what is a macaron? Well, it is a sweet meringue based cookie made with egg white, confectioner’s sugar, granulated sugar and ground almonds. The little cookie is often prepared with a layer of  buttercream or jam between two cookies.   The GREAT news is that Ladurée opened a new store front in NYC.  So my daughter Chelsea brought us some macarons home for the holidays.

Holy yum!

Yum, yum, yum….

So, today, I decided to attempt to make these little decadent cookies.

I found this great book and it really helped me walk through the steps of macaron making!

Find it here on Amazon!

Today, my daughter, Chelsea and I made vanilla macarons with vanilla buttercream.  So yum.  We made little one inch cookies, just a bite-full but OH…so tasty.  {the basic recipe is naturally low in FODMAPs and gluten free but always check your ingredient labels to be sure}

I have to admit, I thought the cookies would be hard to make, but if you follow the instructions, they are quite easy.  I think they would be a great gift to give to your Valentine, don’t you?

So cute! Why don’t you try to make homemade macarons?

3 replies on “French Macarons

  • Fred @ Savorique

    For many people, macarons are not easy to make at all. And there is a constant debate as to whether to age the egg whites or not. And there are as many macaronnage methods there are blogs about it.
    Any few tips and tricks which you think were key to your successful macarons?

    • katescarlata

      Perhaps I had beginner’s luck. Two tips that helped me was to rap the cookie sheet firmly against the counter to help the macarons build their rounded shape and also letting them sit out at room temperature to form a thin crust prior to baking. The book I used truly walked me through the steps making the baking experience quite easy.

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