21 Days of Successful Low FODMAP Menu Plans

Getting creative with the low FODMAP diet may seem a bit daunting at first…but, I have you covered!  After multiple requests to draw up some yummy menu plans, I finally got them done!  These 3 weeks of menu plans also contain 14 recipes to use while enjoying your new calm belly on the low FODMAP diet!

Life can be complicated….make it a little simpler with my 21 days of menu plans!

The menu plans are $10 and are immediately downloadable and ready to print in the comfort of your own home.

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE Kate Scarlata’s 21 Days of Successful FODMAP-friendly living.


I hope you enjoy them!

5 replies on “21 Days of Successful Low FODMAP Menu Plans

  • Nicolette

    Hi Katie,

    My doctor just recommend I go on the Low FODMAP Diet for the next three weeks. I love the idea of having meal plans already done for me. The only question I have are any of the recipes vegan friendly?

  • Bridget

    Hi there, this plan looks like a fantastic resource. I’m in New Zealand – are the recipes reliant on ingredients we might not have available here? For instance, the brands on your low FODMAP shopping list are mostly not available here. Thanks, Bridget

    • katescarlata

      Bridget–There are many recipes that rely on simple real foods (veggies, eggs, maple syrup) rather than speciality products (special flour blends, brands of suitable breakfast cereals and breads)-I think those outside the US would still find it a helpful tool–but perhaps someone outside the US can chime in? I do provide product recommendations on occasion to steer the reader in the right direction.

    • Kristie in Auckland

      Hi Bridget

      This seems a bit random – but I am Auckland based and would love to email chat with someone NZ based to share hints and tips re the FODMAP diet. This blog is hugely valuable but it would be great to speak to someone locally as obviously the brands we can buy here are different to the ones mentioned in the blog.



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