The purpose of The Well Balanced FODMAPer is solely for education and enjoyment.  The information included on the site is not a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider before altering your diet, changing your exercise regimen, starting any new treatment or making changes to existing treatment.

Please note:  NOT all recipes on this blog are low in FODMAPs. Those considered Low FODMAP will be noted on the recipe or mentioned as such in the blog post.



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  • Susan

    Hi Kate,
    My GI doc wants me to try the FODMAP diet – I need to do something as am in quite a bit of pain that I know is caused by food. I’ve eliminated dairy, wheat and beans but am a vegan and am having a hard time knowing what I can eat. I’ve been juicing and eating green smoothies but then have problems so am never sure what brings it on. Just wondering if you have any ideas for me.

    • katescarlata

      Hi Susan-
      It certainly could be the green smoothies– not sure what you add but fruit juice can be an issue as it is a big dose of fructose–and not all ‘greens’ have been tested for FODMAP content.
      Vegan low FODMAP protein rich options–tofu, tempeh, buckwheat, quinoa.
      You should seek guidance from a registered dietitian–knowledgable in the low FODMAP diet– to help your sort out the diet with your other food restrictions.

  • Ellyn Ellis

    Hi Kate! Hope all is well with you. Not sure if you remember me, i came to see you about a year or so ago. Thank you for all of your help!! I have a question that I’ve been wondering about for awhile. Onions and garlic are big “no’s” for me, but is it ok to cook with them and take them out/not eat them? For example, can I make beef stew in the crockpot with tons of onions but just not eat them? Can’t thank you enough for all of your work. Good luck with educationing and spreading the word about FODMAP diets

    • katescarlata

      Of course I remember you Ellyn!!
      So, cooking with onion and garlic in oil and then removing them is a low FODMAP way to infuse flavor–BUT adding onion and garlic to a water-base (such as stew or broth based dishes) would allow the FODMAPs in the onion and garlic to leach into the water-based broth in a stew. FODMAPs are water-soluble so they can’t be added to water based dishes straight up. Instead, you could sauté onions and garlic in oil, remove them, and then sear the meat in the infused oil–then add meat and oil to stew with other ingredients.
      Hope that makes sense.

  • Nelvia Agnew

    Your website and book have been very helpful, and I totally agree we should be working with a dietician. What do we do when NO dietician in our area has even heard of low FODMAP??? Even on the state level! Our referring DR just said “google it”…..luckily I am a researcher type with some basic nutrition ed, but I need some help! My family member (adult child) currently lives on boiled chicken and white rice and a few rice flour based breads made at home, and quinuo! Only beverage is water. No Milk or Dairy/No Gluten/ No Oats (caused pain)/ No fruits and no or low FODMAP…there isn’t much left. There isn’t much nutrition here, and supplements have caused pain…We’ve been at this awhile, and the low FODMAP diet has helped, but I feel we need more nutrients. ..Do you do phone and/or skype consultations? If so, please send me info / rates, etc. via email! Thanks!

    • katescarlata

      Thanks for sharing that well researched article. I am not sure you would have to eliminate all those foods to calm your RA but you should work closely with a digestive health RD. Do you live near Boston?

  • Melodie

    Kate, a nutritionist recently asked you a question on a blog recently for where to find more info on the FODMAP for professional purposes. You answered with several sources. I can’t find that comment chain. I wanted to give the info to my nutritionist. My son and I are her first clients to go on the FODMAP, she had recently heard of it from a collegue. I thought she might appreciate a the info. Can you direct me to that comment chain?

  • Lindsay Knight

    I was wondering if on the FODMAP diet you can have choffy (brewed cocoa beans). I don’t drink coffe or tea, but in the winter I die for hot drinks. Hot chocolate and pero are now out, so I was hoping this might be a good replacement.

  • marci trachter

    Just picked up the book 21 day tummy. I’m psyched to try it out but I have some questions. I can’t seem to find out where I can ask questions.
    Mainly the questions involve food items that can or cannot be eaten..
    First silly one.. I love my decaf Café vanilla latte- no sugur. Can I have one a day using lactose free milk?
    Also, can I have no sugar Jello (store bought) for a treat
    Lastly, I love those Japanese noodles made of Konnyaku (Konjac Flour, purified water and calcium Hydroxide)Can I eat them some where in the phases of this interesting diet.

    Thanks so much for your help
    Hope you have a nice holiday and I hope to hear from you or anyone who knows soon. I’m going to start this new way of eating in a few days!
    Would there be a support group for this diet like the Dukan Diet has?? Just curious
    Thanks again


    • Well Balanced - Food - Life - Travel

      Hi Marci,
      The decaf vanilla latte is probably okay–if made with decaf coffee and lactose free milk only…1 small per day.
      I would avoid the sugar free jello (fake food) and the konjac flour noodles. You can experiment with the Japanese noodles post the 21 Day Tummy–the diet was developed to be used as close as possible as written. Not sure about a support group for the 21 Day Tummy but perhaps another Facebook chat.

  • marci trachter

    Hi there and thanks so much for responding. Both my husband and I are on the second day of the diet and it’s going ok.. I’m hungry.. but so what else is new. One more simple question..Can I use Stevia as a sweetener- moderately?

    If you do a Facebook chat.. do let me know when it is going on if that is possible.
    Would it be ok to ask you more question if they come up. That would be really appreciated.. (I guess I’m one of those people who needs a little hand holding!)

    Thanks again for the response


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