Relaxing at the Lake!

This weekend we headed up north to visit my sister Trisha and her boyfriend Mark in New Hampshire.  A weekend lakeside sounds relaxing,right?  

My sister Trisha and I are on the same page about many things so visiting with her is so easy and fun. 

When we arrived, we headed down to the lake for a few appetizers and drinks to unwind.  

Dipping our toes in the water, made for a quick transition to relaxation mode.

On Saturday, we headed up to Wolfboro for a quick visit to an arts and craft fair. We parked our car and started walking up the hill to the crafting booths, and surprisingly, our friends, Jen and Brad drove by and caught our attention.  We had no idea they were in New Hampshire too!  Jen and I are great friends from junior high so I was so psyched to see her!  Here we are…

Russ and I stopped by a booth with two gals selling some spicy and sweet jelly. Flavors like cranberry habanero jelly had our name all over it, so we purchased 3 different kinds.

Check out the  Better Than Average’s website for more on their jams, jellies and sauces here!  What really appealed to me is that they use all local fruits for their products! Yeah! Here’s the nice ladies from the jam company I met!

We spent most of Saturday on the lake.  It was a scorcher and the cool lake water felt fantastic.  We also enjoyed a bit of kayaking on the lake.  So fun. Here I am kayaking…

And Mark…

We love wildlife and were so thrilled to see a loon nesting up close.  How cool is this? So beautiful, right?

After dinner which included local corn, Trisha’s really yummy carrot salad-recipe to follow- and grilled chicken we headed to the wooded backyard for a fire and to make s’mores.  Trisha had the coconut dipped marshmallows which tasted amazing toasted.

And of course, we did a few sparklers!  I love those things.

We ended our weekend stay with breakfast on the lake and some wild blueberry picking.  Wild blueberries are smaller than the ones you find in the produce section of your grocery store but they are very sweet and yummy.

Can’t wait to head back for another visit.

I love being by the water and wonder if I am more of a lake or ocean girl.  Do you have a preference?

Would you like to try Trisha’s tasty carrot salad?  It’s yum!

Trisha’s Carrot Salad

2 ½ cup grated carrots

½ cup raisins

1 small can ~5 0z. crushed pineapple, drained

¼ cup reduced fat mayonnaise

1 TB. olive oil

Mix and refrigerate.  Serve cold.