Proud to be an American

If you feel like getting a little boost to your patriotic attitude, take a trip to Washington DC, the nation’s capitol.  My last visit to DC was back in my college days and it was a quick drive through at best.  This trip, I was  taken away at all the monuments, parks and overall feel of Washington DC.  I think my patriotic meter may have went up a bit!

The first evening  my husband Russ and I took a stroll around the federal triangle.  We saw the White House up close, well, at street view, which was a first for us!  It’s huge…and I noticed a veggie garden on the property-I wonder if it’s Michelle’s?

You can’t miss the Washington monument stretching up toward the sky.  It looks quite majestic and reminds me of the many historical events that have occurred outside on it’s lawn.

Next stop, the Lincoln Memorial. I had visited this memorial on my first trip and found it still to be equally majestic.  Russ was blown away at this memorial.  Did you know the back of the US penny has a picture of the Lincoln Memorial?

I had to fit in the goofy tourist pic too!

Next, we stumbled upon the Vietnam memorial.  I was moved by the many lives that were lost in this tragic war.

Of course, we had to eat and we located a very cool restauraunt. The restaurant was called Founding Farmers which has a field to plate theme and the food was incredible.  We ordered this skillet corn bread with our salad.  Unbelievable!

That piece with the globs of butter MUST be Russ’ piece! HA!  This bread was served with a side of whipped butter and honey. YUM!

Day 2. I had more writing to do and worked my tail off on a nutrition project all day!  I have a writing deadline next week so I have to stay focused. But we ended the day with a drink at a DC hot spot! First stop, The POV at the W hotel on 15th St.  My nephew Ryan provided this recommendation and it was a fun place to stop for a drink with a GREAT view of the  Washington Monument and the White House.  We could even see the secret service men on the roof of the White House.  Cool.

To work off our drink and dinner, we took a very long stroll  to the Jefferson Memorial.  When we arrived a youth group was singing Michael Jackson’s song, Man in the Mirror.  A perfect song that reflects how we all individually can make a difference in our own lives and that of others.  I got a little teary…I will admit it, but it made for a  special moment for me at this Memorial.  Thomas Jefferson played in important part in our country’s history.  He was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence and founded the University of Virginia.  He was the third president of the United States.

It was a beautiful evening in Washington DC and I am glad we took advantage of the warm weather. After the Jefferson Memorial, we headed back to the Metro to return to our hotel room.  I can’t wait to come back soon and explore the Smithsonian museum complex with my kids…hopefully soon!