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This week I took a visit to Medway’s own, community farm, located at 50 Winthrop Street in Medway, Massachusetts. What a beautiful use of this land! I highly recommend a visit if you live in the area and haven’t yet checked it out! Medway Community Farm’s goals include growing local food, providing educational opportunities and volunteer experiences for those in the community. Who wouldn’t want to support this effort?Medway Community Farm started it’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for distribution this year.   CSA’s are a fairly new idea in farming,  in which consumers interested in safe farming methods and locally grown produce, receive food directly from the farmers who grow it.  The concept was introduced in the 1960’s and became more popular in the US in the 1980’s.  Today’s bounty looked like it was a GREAT share-kale, bok choy, broccoli, radishes, beautiful and HUGE black seed lettuce! 

Currenly there are 100 CSA members at the Medway Community Farm!  Meet Brittany…   The Medway Community Farm currently is using organic farming methods. Brittany Sidway is the farm manager, a New Englander who radiates with  pride of this farm and the food she has grown with love.  Brittany has a degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in History from Northeastern University but learned much of about farming and  growing food from working on farms in British Columbia, New York and in the Metrowest area.

Kevin Overshiner is part of the  “Farm Crew” and is a total asset.  Here, Kevin cuts a Red Choy, a variety of bok choy, wipes it off and takes a bite.  It tastes like a mouthful of water and crunch at all the same time… very refreshing. Kevin mentions to me that the bok choy shape, “almost begs to be dipped.”  And, in fact, it does have a scoop like groove at the end of the stalk.  Hmmm-perhaps I will use my bok choy to dip…maybe a little ranch dressing or hummus?

Kevin shows me how the cabbage are starting to take shape! Here’s one heathy and growing cabbage!

If you are not part of the CSA but care to support the community farm,  come on by for a visit during their open hours:  Tuesday and Thursday from 12 noon until 7 P.M or Saturday from 10-3 to purchase produce. The farm also has two fundraising efforts slated for the fall–a fall festival and a potluck dinner–stay tuned by looking at farm website for details here.   In January, check back to the farm’s websitefor more on becoming a CSA member. Today I picked up some Kale and Bok Choy.  For the Kale, I will likely make Kale Chips, a family favorite or maybe this  simple salad…

Simple Kale Salad
Mix 2 cups chopped kale, juice of one lime, 1 TB. olive oil, 1/4 cup chopped dried cranberries or cherries, 2 TB. toasted walnuts or pine nuts.
Bok choy is wonderful to use in stir fries or simply roasted…or maybe I will try dipping it, since I now know it tastes good raw too!
I hope you enjoy locally grown organic seasonal produce this summer, from a local farm right onto your fork!  It’s better for you, your family and the earth!

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  • Nonoy

    I’ve already heard this CSA from another blog, and I find it very interesting. I really have limited knowledge when it comes to agriculture in America. I only know about Permaculture, which is originated in Australia. this kind of eco-agriculture, is also organic farming; and is applied in some provinces in Mindanao and Cebu, Philippines. I think the CSA in Massachusetts is almost the same as with Permaculture in Australia and Philippines.

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