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Just as certain selections of music will nourish your physical body and your emotional layer, so other musical works will bring greater health to your mind. – Hal A. Lingerman

Last night we had the pleasure of having Kate Klim, one of our favorite folk singers to our home to perform her beautiful music for family and friends.  Not only is Kate an amazing singer, she is funny and warm and the evening was magical.

My husband Russ organized this event after seeing a posting on Kate’s website that she was willing to host a home party for a donation to help fund her latest CD.   Check out Kate’s music here! She truly is fantastic!

Good food, friends, family, music…does it get much better than that?  Kate took this picture of us! 

Kate enjoys a moment with my brother Dave! Now, there are two very happy people!

Kate performing right in my living room.  Very cool!

Good song and good food go hand in hand so I provided a few treats for our guests.

One of the appetizer’s  I prepared for my friends was simple, pretty and delicious (and of course, nutritious!)


Of course, I also made some chocolate and peanut butter squares too!  I have a relentless sweet tooth! Kate loved them and I think they gave her the needed energy to finish up her second set, so a win-win. Russ and I with our new friend, Kate Klim.  We’ll be seeing her again soon!
Russ and I love music-all kinds-from James Taylor to Ted Nugent and just about everything in between.  We have tickets for Alice Cooper this summer.  Our weekends belong to Kate though, we start our day enjoying her cd and ease into our weekend.  Do you listen to music in your home regularly?  I think listening music regularly is part of a well-balanced life.  Music truly is good for the body and the soul.  

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